Let’s face it; an ad copy can make or break your campaign. It can be the difference between someone buying your products or scrolling past your ad before you even get a chance to explain what you offer. 

Only 20% of people read beyond the headlines. The art of copywriting is a skill that takes lots of practice. 

Fortunately, technology has allowed the average writer to write stunning ad copies. 

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top Google and social media ad copy generators any marketer can use to produce succinct and persuasive copy in minutes. 

But first, let’s know the basics…

What is an Ad Copy?

Ad copy is words used in advertisements to convert traffic into leads or sales. Unlike content writing, ad copy aims to get readers to click on the ad. 

As a result, they’ll be directed to a landing page or sales funnel, which will further explain their product or service. 

Ad copy must effectively communicate the value of your offer by capturing the target audience’s attention and persuading them to click on your ad. 

Poor ad copy translates into poor bidding performance, low-quality scores, few impressions, and poor click-through rate (CTR). 

Typically, it comprises a headline and a short one to two-sentence description explaining what people can expect when visiting their landing page. 


How Does Ad Copy Help in Marketing?

Great ad copy on advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, and other social sites will help your ad reach more people. Writing better ad copy will increase engagement in your campaigns, which will signal the platform to expand the ad’s reach. 

The ad copy should directly speak to your audience targeting. Platforms like Facebook and Google will measure your ad reach by how well you managed to hone in on your audience and how well the ads perform. Ad copy directly contributes to both factors. 

The better your ad copy is, the higher your ad quality score will be. Google depends on advertising money; thus, the quality score helps Google display relevant ads to the right users every time a search occurs. 

Great ad copy should include the target keyword in the title and body of the advertisement so Google understands who to show your ad to. Higher quality scores will help you to reduce ad costs. 

Well-written ad copy will help you reduce costs, increase click-through rates and attract the right customers to your business. 

If you’ve ever experienced writer’s block, you know the difficulty of producing quality copy. Fortunately, there are ad copy generators that help you automatically produce copy based on the inputs and keywords you give it. We’ll cover what each tool has to offer. 

Let’s jump in!



Copy.ai is considered a ‘catch-all’ marketing tool to help you create and edit copy for Google ads and other forms of copy. 


  • Google Headlines Generator: Asks you to input the project title and corresponding website to generate relevant copy.
  • Google Description Generator: Input your product or brand name and write a description of your audience, their problem, and what makes your brand unique.
  • Dozens of Templates: Copy.ai offers dozens of templates to help you write for every occasion.
  • 25+ Languages: Copy.ai can produce copies in over 25 languages in seconds.
  • Live Demos: Weekly live demos are hosted to help users understand and use the features effectively. 

Copy.ai is free to use up to 2,000 words per month, or you can upgrade to their Pro Plan, giving you access to 40,000 words. 



Trusted by over 50,000 marketers and large companies like Airbnb, Google, IBM, and Logitech, Jasper creates compelling ad copies that look professionally written. 


  • Proven Marketing Frameworks: Leverages proven marketing frameworks like PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution) or AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) to craft masterfully written ad copy. 
  • Facebook and Google Ads: Creates catchy headlines and descriptions for both platforms. They can generate multiple ad copy ideas so you can split-test to see which performs the best. 
  • Variety of Writing Styles and Tones: It can generate ad texts in different styles and tones. Some include casual, funny, professional, sarcastic, excited, masculine, feminine, and others. 
  • Multi-Languages: Jasper writes in over 25 languages, including English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and others. 
  • Team Function: You can add team members to your account so they have access to the ad generator. 
  • 50+ Templates: Besides ad writing, you’ll find plenty of other pre-built writing templates for blogs, company bios, product descriptions, creative story writing, and more. 

Jasper comes in two pricing packages: Starter and Boss Mode. Starter mode offers 20,000 words, while Boss Mode offers 50,000 words. 



Anyword is a high-powered AI, feature-rich ad copy generator that delivers intelligent-level copy at a low cost. It’s trusted by brands like Red Bull, Ted Baker, and NBC. 


  • Google and Social Media Ads: Anyword can effectively generate headlines and descriptions for all search engines and social media platforms. It’ll ensure that your ad copy complies with each platform’s policy and doesn’t exceed the character limits. 
  • A Variety of Writing Tones: You can adjust the copy to your preferred tone, such as strict, masculine, feminine, relaxed, older or younger age groups, etc. 
  • Ad Account Integration: Anyword lets you integrate your social media and Google accounts via API. As a result, you can adjust your ad budgets across your various ad sets and split test ad copy. 
  • Content Improver: The platform takes any content and offers multiple improved versions, allowing you to see which ad copy performs the best. 
  • Predictive Performance Score: This provides a score based on how well your ad copy will likely engage with your target audience. 
  • 24 Languages: It produces ad copy in many languages, including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian, Italian, etc.

Anyword is an affordable platform with a limit of 15,000 words for its starter plan.



StoryLab is an excellent tool for generating hooks and outlines to improve character development. If you’re looking for a tool with some creative firepower, this is for you. 


  • Title Generator: Come up with the best headlines to capture attention and drive clicks. 
  • Description Creator: It produces an organized and professionally written description to build trust and convert traffic.
  • Variety of Generators: StoryLab offers many types of generators that can produce an array of copy like YouTube descriptions, social media captions, Instagram captions, Google ads, email copy, and more.  

StoryLab provides a free plan. However, you can also opt for their monthly plans to unlock premium features.



Writecream is a highly innovative AI-powered marketing software that utilizes advanced machine learning to write professional ad copy for you. 


  • Digital Ad Copy Generator: Writecream helps you write all types of ad copy, such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram.
  • Ice Breakers: This helps you write cold emails or 1 liner ad copies to get the attention of your prospective buyers. 
  • Chrome Extension: This lets you easily access the Writecream features via the Chrome toolbar. 
  • Plagiarism Checker: Avoid plagiarism strikes using their plagiarism checker. 
  • 75+ Languages: Write copy in just about any language you can think of. 
  • Tutorials: Writecream offers plenty of tutorials teaching you how to maximize their features so you can produce high-converting copies. 

This software offers four plans: Free, Standard, Extended, and Custom. The Standard Plan is perfect for startups, freelancers, or small companies who want to test the platform. 



Smart Copy from Unbounce is a writing tool that features over 30 templates for ad copywriting and other needs. 


  • Ad Copy Generator: Smart Copy produces ad copies for platforms like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Amazon. 
  • Free Plan: With their forever-free plan, you’re allowed up to 5 content generations per day regardless of the word count. 
  • Multi-Languages: Smart Copy offers several language options for writing ad copies. 
  • Chrome Extension: With Chrome Extension, you can produce ad texts from the Google Ads platform or any other social media platform. 
  • Improves Content: It can also improve your existing copy by rephrasing or expanding it. 

The platform comes with a 14-day free trial, and then, if you like the platform, you can upgrade to a paid plan and continue using it.



Text.cortex is an ad copy generator trusted by over 10,000 users from established brands like Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, Fiverr, and Upwork. 


  • Content Creation: Textcortext leverages advanced NLG algorithms and best marketing practices to create a high-converting copy. 
  • Ad Copy Generator: Enter your product title and target segment and instantly receive your ad copy headline and description. 
  • Chrome Extension: Write faster and better everywhere with the Chrome Extension. 
  • Rewrite: The rewrite tool lets you rewrite any form of existing copy or content. 
  • Use Cases: Let Textcortex write all types of copy, such as product descriptions, blogs, cold sales emails, customer support emails, and more. 

The platform offers three plans: Free, Pro and Business. With the Free plan, you get up to 10 creations per day, while the other plans offer unlimited creations. 



Connectio is a suite of tools for making your Facebook advertising more effective, including writing your ad copy. 


  • Questionnaire: Connectio asks you detailed questions about your main topic, target audience, your product or service, unique selling points, and other information. 
  • Delivery: Unlike other tools, Connectio sends the pre-written ads to your email address
  • Free: The ad generator is free to use. 
  • Integration: Integrations with marketing automation platforms like ActiveDemand, ConvertKit, Hubspot, and more. 

Connectio is the perfect software for automatically managing, creating, and testing Facebook ads. 



Writesonic is an innovative AI writing assistant capable of generating high-converting ad copy in minutes. 


  • Google Ads Generator: Generate Google ads simply by writing your product or service name, description, and keyword.
  • Over 25 Languages: Write Google Ads in many foreign languages so you can reach a global audience. 
  • Testing: Test different ad copies to help you get more out of your ad budget and improve click-through rates. 
  • Library: Generate all types of ads for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even SMS texts.  

All plans of Writesonic offer a free trial period giving you a taste of their features. Plans also differ between short-form and long-form copy generators. 



With over 450,000 marketers and business owners using Rytr, it’s one of the market’s most powerful ad copy generators. 


  • Google and Social Media Ads: Rytr leverages GPT3 AI technology and PAS and AIDA frameworks to produce high-converting headlines and texts for Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads. 
  • Over 20 Tones: It can write copy in over 20 tones, such as Formal, Casual, Convincing, Humping, Enthusiastic and more. 
  • More than 30 Languages: Rytr can generate copies in global languages like English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Hindi, etc. 
  • Team Accessibility: If you have a team of marketers, the platform allows you to create a team account so everyone can access the ad generator. 
  • 30+ Use Cases: Besides writing paid ads, Rytr can produce content for various purposes, like blog posts, website copy, landing pages, and SEO writing. 

With Rytr, users can access their forever-free plan, generating up to 5,000 characters per month. 

Final Words

Ad copy generators are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. If you struggle with writer’s block or need additional firepower with the help of artificial intelligence, then you’ve got plenty of AI tools to choose from. t

The truth, however, is – No ad copy generator can replace human creativity, ingenuity, and strategy. 

However, AI copywriting tools can be a perfect enhancement when writing ad copy to help you boost click-through rates and, ultimately, sales. 

Next, you can check out ad tracking tools.