Are you looking to buy or sell NFTs from an affordable and secure marketplace? Then, Cardano NFT Marketplace is a great choice to consider.

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform introduced in 2017. This blockchain was founded by the co-founder of the Ethereum project, Charles Hoskinson. Apart from that, Cardano is emerging as a competitor to Ethereum as it aims to provide greater scalability, energy efficiency, and security.

Cardano has a native currency, ADA, named after the first computer programmer Ada Lovelace. ADA is the eighth largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of more than $12 billion.

Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana platforms are used to build DApps using smart contracts. Then you might think, what makes Cardano different from the other two? Let’s get into that.

Cardano blockchain was developed using evidence-based methods to provide sustainability and security to decentralized systems, society, and applications. In addition, Cardano has the potential to provide an impressive one million transactions per second. These factors distinguish Cardano from its peers.

All the features mentioned above are also reflected in the Cardano NFT marketplaces. So, as an NFT buyer or seller, you can also benefit from the advantages possessed by the Cardano blockchain.

Let’s explore the list of top Cardano NFT Marketplaces:

JPG Store

JPG Store uses the sustainable nature of the Cardano blockchain to build its NFT marketplace. One of the largest Cardano NFT marketplaces, JPG Store, enables users to create, buy, and sell NFTs.

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As a creator-friendly NFT marketplace, JPG Store has paid a royalty of more than $12 million. Moreover, this Cardano NFT marketplace has over 200K unique wallets, and the trading volume crossed 300+ million.


If you are an NFT creator, you can create your collection at the JPG Store. For every minted NFT, you must pay a mint cost of 1 ADA and a network fee of around 0.2 ADA.

JPG Store provides buyers with a list of top collections to choose from. Apart from that, you can also sort the NFTs based on price and properties.

Sellers, buyers, and creators must connect a crypto wallet with the JPG Store. You can use supported Cardano wallets like Gero, NuFi, Typhon, Flint, Nami, and Eternl.


Launched in July 2021, CNFT.IO is another prominent Cardano NFT marketplace. This user-friendly NFT marketplace allows users to buy and sell NFTs.

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Moreover, CNFT.IO allows users to choose from multiple NFT categories. The listed categories include art, music, photography, collectibles, gaming, and the metaverse.

Another important feature of CNFT.IO is that verified NFTs are marked. If you only want to buy verified NFTS, you can easily filter out the unverified ones with a single click.

SpaceBudz and Pavia are the top-ranked NFT projects built on CNFT.IO. Both these projects constitute a trading volume of more than 30 million.


All the listed NFTs come with a fixed price and can be bought using ADA. For every NFT sold, CNFT.IO charges a 2.5% commission and a minimal transaction fee.

CNFT.IO supports Cardano wallets such as Nami, Eternal, Flint, Gero, and Typhon.


If you plan to buy or sell NFTs from verified artists, then the Tokhun NFT marketplace is a good choice. This Cardano NFT marketplace only lists NFTs that qualify for the registered or verified policies. 

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Tokhun marketplace has listed over 6,000 verified NFTs. Apart from that, this platform has sold more than 11,000 NFTs to date. In addition, creators have received 12,000+ ADA in royalties.


Buying or selling NFTs at Tokhun requires creating a free account. Once an account is created, you will get a free Cardano wallet with Tokhun.

Tokhun charges a commission of 2.5% or 2 ADA, whichever is higher when you sell an NFT. If you want to mint an NFT, you need 2 ADA, and this price reduces if you plan to mint more NFTs.

Galaxy of Art (GOA)

Are you interested in NFTs apart from photos? Galaxy of Art, a Cardano-based NFT marketplace, also offers you NFTs in the form of sounds and videos.

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Aside from buying and selling NFTs, creators are provided with various other options. These options allow creators to mint, hold, and auction their NFTs.

GOA provides its users with a simple interface to access the listed NFTs. You can also select NFTs from different categories, such as art, books, comics, luxury, and games.

A 2-factor authentication provided to the users helps to safeguard their own NFTs. Moreover, you can mint NFTs without paying any commissions. However, GOA charges a small transaction fee in ADA.

Once users own an NFT, their GOT wallet freezes 1.7 ADA per NFT. This freezing mechanism helps conduct smoother transactions between the buyer and seller.

Unfortunately, GOA doesn’t currently support any external wallets. Users are provided with a free GOA wallet after signing up. 


Cadahub was founded in 2021 and is a major NFT marketplace built using the Cardano blockchain. Apart from buying and selling NFTs, you can also mint NFTs.

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Cardahub provides a vast NFT marketplace for creators, digital asset collectors, and investors. The platform’s simple interface easily allows you to list, sell, or buy NFTs.

The top listed collections on Cardahub include Mocossi, Clay Nation, and Boss Cat Rocket Club. Each of these collections has 10,000 NFTs.


The service fees and commissions charged by the Cardahub platform vary according to the value of the NFT. In addition to that, creators also set their desired royalty fees that need to be paid by the buyer.

To mint, buy, or sell an NFT, you need to connect a Cardano wallet with Cardahub. The wallets supported by the platform include Nami, Gero, Eternal, and Flint.


If you are looking for a more data-oriented Cardano NFT marketplace, NFT Jam is a great choice. This platform provides an advanced user interface with multiple filters.


NFT Jam provides live prices on all listed NFTs so you can avoid missing good opportunities. Moreover, this marketplace allows you to buy and sell multiple NFTs simultaneously.

Another impressive feature of NFT Jam is the availability of a smart filter. Using this filter, you can spot rare NFTs once they get listed on the platforms.

Similarly, you can use the NFT metadata to make a better buying decision. With the help of this metadata, you can search, sort, and efficiently filter NFTs.

On the positive side, you can buy or sell NFTs under 20 ADA for free. You need to pay only the network transaction fees. Trades above 20 ADA are charged 2.5% or 1 ADA, whichever is higher in value.

To trade an NFT at NFT Jam, you need to create a free account with the platform. Once an account is created, you can connect your Cardano wallets with the platform. The supported wallets are Nami, Daedalus, and Yoroi.

The Art Suite

The Art Suite, previously known as NFThubs, is another Cardano NFT marketplace with NFTs in various genres. The listed genres include digital art, music, tattoo art, illustration, film, animation, and paintings.

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The main mission of The Art Suite is to support socially impactful projects by empowering the global artist community. On this platform, digital artists can monetize their artistic skills.

If you are an art enthusiast looking to buy or sell valuable artistic NFTs, you can consider The Art Suite. Apart from that, you can also stay in touch with the global artist community. Thanks to the wide acceptance of NFTs.

The Art Suite doesn’t ask you to sign up to buy or sell NFTs. You only need a Cardano wallet such as Yoroi, Typhon, CardWallet, CCwallet, Nami, Gero, or Flint.


Artano is a community-focused NFT marketplace that aims to reduce the impact of NTF creation on the environment. Artano’s marketplace is built on a sustainable Cardano blockchain to tackle this issue.

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Using the benefits of the Cardano blockchain, the creators can mint NFTs for a much lower price. Also, NFT traders benefit from the low transaction fees. It is a win-win situation for all the Artano community members.

Artano charges 5% and 2.5% commission fees on the primary and secondary sale of NFTs, respectively. In addition, you need to pay a 10% commission for the sale of NFTs at an auction.

If you plan to buy, sell, or mint NFTs from Artano, you need to create a free account with the platform. Apart from that, a Cardano wallet supported by the platform is also required. You can choose wallets such as Nami, CCVault, Flint, Gero, Yoroi, or Daedalus.


Cardingo is another potential NFT marketplace built on the Cardano blockchain. Apart from that, a strong NFT community backs this marketplace.


The first NFT collection listed on the Cardingo marketplace was Hoskeychains. This NFT collection is a tribute to the founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson. Also, this collection consisted of 10,000 AI-generated NFTs.

Apart from Hoskeychains, you can buy NFTs from the other four listed collections. These collections include Hoskeymates, Hoskeymations, Hoskeypunks, and Hoskeysmokeys.

One of the impressive features of Cardingo is that you can buy or sell a mix of artists and computer-generated NFTs. These NFTs can be filtered from the marketplace in a few clicks.

You can visit the NFT marketplace and directly buy your favorite NFT. You need to connect your Nami, Yoroi, or Daedalus wallet with the platform.


AdaNFT is the NFT marketplace owned by the prominent Cardano-based decentralized exchange (DEX), AdaSwap. This platform allows users to buy and sell NFTs in simple steps.


One of the most important features of AdaNFT is the community’s involvement in major decision-making. A voting system is enabled to create quality NFTs. Apart from voting, you can also trade, swap, and bid on NFTs.

If you are interested in buying an NFT from AdaNFT, you need to create a free account with the platform. After creating an account, you need to connect your Nami wallet to trade NFTs.

AdaNFT charges a certain fee for buying, selling, or transferring an NFT. These fees include royalties, commissions, and other charges based on the asset’s value. Apart from these fees, the user also needs to pay gas fees.

Key Points to Consider 📝

If you have ever purchased an NFT, you know the simplicity of the process. Within a few clicks, you can own an NFT. But before buying an NFT, it’s better to consider the points mentioned below:

  • Set aside a budget for NFTs that you are comfortable with based on your financial condition.
  • Community plays a crucial role in the growth of NFT projects. So, choose NFT projects with strong community support.
  • Choose NFT projects that offer benefits to token holders. The benefits include discounts, early access to upcoming releases, or other token rewards. 
  • Always check the transaction fees and commissions charged by the NFT marketplace. Choosing an affordable NFT marketplace can be extremely beneficial in the long run.
  • Have a look at the people behind the project. The founders’ and team members’ credibility and experience play a crucial role in a project’s success.

Following the above points doesn’t provide a 100% guarantee of choosing a successful NFT project. However, these points can help you rule out projects with red flags.

Ultimately, do your own research (DYOR) and avoid the fear of missing out (FOMO).

Final Thoughts

NFT marketplaces will play a crucial role in the wider adoption of NFTs in the future. Choosing a better marketplace helps to improve NFT transactions and reduce gas fees and other charges.

Cardano NFT marketplaces provide faster transactions while charging lower fees than its competitors. Apart from that, the Cardano blockchain also reduces energy consumption.

The Cardano NFT marketplaces listed in this article are different from one another. So, you can choose any marketplace to buy or sell NFTs as per your conviction. 

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