Learn about the top and popular apps and platforms that let you answer online surveys for money. 

Data has become the new gold in the information technology age. To collect and analyze data, many businesses have sprung up. One such venture is market research. For market research, businesses need participants who are consumers and can provide valuable opinions. 

From this concept, online surveys in exchange for money have come up. Many data aggregators pay millions for surveys. Find below the ultimate list of such platforms.     

Passive Earning on the Internet

When you sit in front of a computer or smartphone and input minimal effort to earn a few bucks, that’s passive income. For this, you do not need a college degree or high-tech skills. All you need is experience with products and services and a willingness to share unbiased opinions. Sometimes people share their internet bandwidth, and it is also passive income.    

What Is a Survey App?

What Is a Survey App

One of the popular options for passive income is signing up for a few online survey apps. These apps create an online profile of yours. Depending on your profile and experiences, you get random surveys. Upon survey completion, you earn points, credits, or cash.  

How Do Survey Apps Work?

Survey apps function as the data aggregator for top brands that are doing market research. Since brands can not hire the mass public directly, they recruit the companies behind these survey apps.

When you sign up for such apps, you get short surveys about advertisements, products, polls, services, etc., from the survey app. Then, you take some time to answer those questions, and in the end, you stand a chance to win points or cash.


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Pawns.app is one of the best platforms to earn a passive income. The app claims that it lets you complete online surveys for money, share internet bandwidth for payment, and many more. You need to download a proprietary app available for free on the Pawns.app website.

Currently, the app is only available for Windows computers. Hence, you must own a Windows PC to enter this passive income gig. Once you install the app, set up a quick account online to start completing surveys that pay well. Its app is available on Google Play.

Besides surveys, which are not guaranteed with volumes, you can participate in the bandwidth-sharing deal. You can earn 0.20 USD per 1 GB of data sharing. Pawns.app routes your internet bandwidth to IPRoyal for proxy service providing. Hence, businesses benefit from your internet bandwidth.

Pawns.app lets you withdraw money when you reach $5. You can use payment methods like PayPal, Bitcoin, virtual gift cards, etc.      

  • It works on:
  • Windows
  • Android


Freecash.com is one of the fastest-growing websites to make money online. They offer a wide variety of surveys available all over the world. You can earn money not only by filling out surveys but also by completing tasks, sign-ups, or playing games.

You can withdraw your money through PayPal, cryptocurrencies, and Gift Cards instantly. They also offer several other withdrawal methods like buying skins to the most popular games like CS: GO, Fortnite, LoL, or Valorant.

  • Instant PayPal cashouts starting at only $5.00
  • Instant Crypto cashouts starting as low as $0.50
  • 0% fee Gift Card withdrawals (Amazon, Steam & more)
  • Users earn more than $20.00 per day on average on Freecash

Example of the survey with the reward amount of coins mentioned at the top right corner:


Sign up is extremely simple: use your Google or Steam account. Besides, you can register by email to get started.

Every 1000 Freecash coins equal 1 USD.

You can participate in surveys and tasks using your desktop or smartphone. There’s also an Android app in available Google Play Store. Thanks to this, you can fill out surveys and complete other tasks everywhere you want.

If you’re looking for the best website to earn money on surveys, you should register on Freecash.com.

  • It works on:
  • Android
  • Windows


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You can also join the LifePoints communities to earn money online by completing simple surveys. It has many brand partners who need candid survey data from the public. The brands use this public opinion data to improve their services and products. 

Each survey can take between 10 minutes to 20 minutes. LifePoints expects that you will provide an unbiased and honest opinion about the product or service you are surveying. When you complete a survey successfully, you earn a few LifePoints depending on the survey topic, complexity, and duration.

When you accrue enough LifePoints balance in your account, you can redeem them for PayPal cash, gift cards, charity donations, and more. The reward encashing option will depend on your country of origin and local laws. Its app is available on Google Play and App Store.

Access the LifePoints portal from the above link to check if your country is supported or not. If supported, join the community now. You get 10 points just for account sign-up. Once signed up, participate in other community activities to maximize your earnings.    

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Google Opinion Rewards


Google Opinion Rewards is the most popular passive earning app among global smartphone users. The app is available for iPhone and Android users on App Store and Google Play. It sends you online surveys for money which you can encash using PayPal or Google Play credit.  

Google mostly sends you surveys related to its services and products. When you reply to those surveys, Google uses the data to train its artificial intelligence (AI) or improve products. The survey questions could be related to hotel reviews, opinion polls, merchant satisfaction surveys, and more.

Though the app is accessible globally, however, paid surveys are only available in 34 countries. For example, suppose you are 18 years of age and come from countries like Belgium, the USA, the UK, Australia, India, Mexico, Canada, Germany, and more. In that case, you are eligible to earn cash. 

In most countries above, users only get Google Play credit as a reward. Also, you must redeem the reward within a limited time frame, or the credits expire. The PayPal transfer option is only available in the USA. 

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


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Swagbucks is yet another popular choice for online surveys for money. Its payment cashout options are also vivid. You can withdraw your money via PayPal. However, you can get even better deals if you are more into shopping and online gift cards.

Swagbucks gift card store offers high-value gift cards in exchange for fewer points you earn by completing surveys. Its store includes eBay, Target, Amazon, Payoneer, Walmart, Starbucks, and more gift cards.

Its surveys could take between 5 minutes to 60 minutes. Questions can come from various products, services, brand recognition, advertising effectiveness, product appeal, etc. Also, you may get the opportunity to review products from home or attend focus group sessions virtually. Its app is available on Google Play and App Store.

Standard Swagbuck surveys could pay you up to $20. In-home product reviews pay the best rates and can go up to $100 per product. However, its services are available in limited countries like the US, the US territories, the UK, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, India, Portugal, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.      

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


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InboxDollars has also been trending for some time now when people search for online surveys for money. Its revenue model is pretty straightforward. 

The platform has many industry partners like market research, technology, retail, etc. Brands like Target, Netflix, H&R Block, Publishers Clearing House, Walmart, etc., are some top partner brands.

Brands commission InboxDollars for various survey work that require anonymity. It outsources the work to you to earn from home using the internet. Its app is available on Google Play and App Store.

The tasks could be survey answering, playing games online, online shopping, reading emails, and more. You can withdraw your cash as a PayPal balance or Amazon gift card.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Opinion Outpost

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Public opinion matters a lot in the consumer goods and market research business. Top brands from such industries tie up with data aggregators like Opinion Outpost. In turn, Opinion Outpost enables you to earn passive income while waiting for a bus, standing in a line, and so on.

It is a web-based app, so you should not face any challenges in using its services. Once you create a free account, you get access to random surveys. On survey completion, you earn reward points. You can visit its gift card store to redeem points against virtual gift cards when you accumulate many points. You can also use a PayPal account to redeem points as cash.  

You could easily earn a $10 amazon gift card in two weeks by casually answering surveys. But if you put in more effort, you can make endless gift card amounts.

User Interviews

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User Interviews connect participants and researchers on an integrated platform. You can sign up as a researcher and also a participant. If you need to do any research for your current project, you can launch a research project to recruit participants.

If you have no research to launch, you can participate as prospects for other researchers and earn money in your free time. Currently, the platform is seeing up to 2,200 research studies launching each month. Hence, there is a high demand for participants who can share a public opinion on products, services, polls, advertisements, etc.

User Interviews lists various research projects on its platform. A study could pay you $60 on average. Depending on the location and participant input, the payment will vary.    

Valued Opinions

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With more than 3 million global members, Valued Opinions could also be on your list if you are looking for a passive income online. Like the others in this article, Valued Opinions provides you with online surveys for money. 

The surveys are most from the market trend research organizations or retail chains that are looking for public opinions. Hence, you can answer the surveys from personal experience. It is no rocket science!   

Valued Opinions pays $7 for each online survey you complete. You can encash your points as gift card vouchers for Amazon, CVS/pharmacy, Chili’s 3-Choice, Target, Domino’s, Macy’s, Apple, Pack & Go, etc. 


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Toluna functions as an online social voting platform. Its services are available in 28 languages in 50 countries. Currently, its community size is more than 21 million influencers who regularly complete online surveys.

As an influencer, you will interact with surveys from top global brands. Depending on your unbiased survey inputs, companies improvise their products and services.

You can complete surveys from a computer or using smartphones. Its app is available on Google Play and App Store. Once you accumulate a sizeable volume of Toluna points, visit the Rewards center to redeem your points for an Amazon gift card or PayPal cash.    

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Payment Modes of Survey Apps


Most survey apps allow you to transfer your earnings to a PayPal account. However, survey apps prefer gift cards over PayPal transfers because that highly benefits them. 

Top apps that offer online surveys for money often create a reward center or marketplace where you can shop for gift cards from brands using your survey earnings.  

Why Do Survey Apps Pay You Money?

Why Do Survey Apps Pay You Money

Survey apps are the front end of data aggregation or opinion poll outsourcing business. Data analytics and research institutions pass on their requirements to apps like Swagbucks, LifePoints, Freecash, Valued Opinions, Opinion Outpost, etc.

If these app companies had to go door to door to collect public opinion, that would have been highly costly. Instead, data aggregators develop mobile or web apps and post these online.

The general public from certain countries can access such apps to interact with the surveys. When the app detects valuable input, it rewards you for your effort. However, it is just a fraction of the survey app companies earn from multinational brands.        

How to Choose the Best Survey App to Earn Money Online

When investing time in survey apps that offer online surveys for money, consider the following first:

  • The web app or mobile app has a legit company in the backend.
  • It provides you with abundant surveys. Because you may not be able to answer all surveys that you get.
  • The survey app has the option to transfer earnings to your PayPal account.
  • If you are okay with gift cards, look for apps that offer virtual Visa gift cards, Amazon gift cards, etc.
  • Stay away from survey apps that ask for sensitive personal data like SSN, driving license, passport, bank account details, net banking password, PayPal password, email password, etc.    

Final Words

Many opinion poll apps let you fill out online surveys for money. However, not all of them are legitimate. You need to choose your app carefully, or you will waste valuable time. Try out the above apps and platforms to set up a good passive income source. 

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