Applicant tracking system (ATS) tools help HR managers, recruiters, and recruiting agencies manage the entire workflow of recruiting the right talent for any organization.

Most HR teams need to handle other corporate and payroll matters in addition to employee recruitment. Similarly, recruitment agencies cater to multiple companies and job positions, so they must deal with thousands of candidates.

Both parties use an automatic tool to track the entire recruitment process. It is widely known as the applicant tracking system or software.

This article helps you understand more about this tool and the best available options in the industry if you need an ATS. Job candidates also need to read the entire article to get the appropriate knowledge to craft the perfect resume that will pass an ATS.

What Is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

What Is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

An applicant tracking software (ATS) is a tool for HRs and recruiters to track job applicants throughout the entire recruitment drive.

An ATS comes with various automated functionalities ranging from the candidate database, applicant filtering, resume formatting, assessing the candidate, analyzing applicant behavior, performing background analysis, etc.

Why Do Businesses Use an ATS Tool for Hiring?

Why Do Businesses Use an ATS Tool for Hiring

The use of ATS tools is rising, and it is evident from the fact that there are hundreds of ATS tools available online. The followings are the major reasons for the companies to use ATS software:

  • It can pull candidate profiles from job boards to make a rich database.
  • Minimize the cost of talent acquisition.
  • Even the busiest HR executive or manager can easily interview the right candidate through the intelligent automation of an ATS tool.
  • Keeps the candidates engaged and up to date with the job application movement.
  • Also prepares the candidate for onboarding digitally so that the new employee knows everything they need to know from the first day.

Hence, ATS tools are equally beneficial for the candidates since they get a fair opportunity since the entire system is digital and transparent.

Oracle Taleo

Oracle Taleo is the top-notch software when you need a standalone hiring solution. It automates various phases of talent acquisition like candidate profile sourcing, candidate recruiting, and new employee onboarding in one software.

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The ATS tool from Oracle comes in three solution packages – Taleo Business Edition Talent Management, Taleo Business Edition, and Taleo Enterprise Edition. From a features and functionalities point, Taleo Enterprise Edition is the best fit if you need a robust hiring system.

With Taleo, you do not need to stay satisfied with a handful of candidate profiles. Instead, analyze the maximum number of applicants to pick the top talent.

Taleo is also suitable for data-driven decision-making. It optimizes your recruiting effort by automatically analyzing sourcing channels, assessing a set of filtered applicants, and communicating with the right talent. is another reliable solution for candidate engagement and recruitment process management. In addition to a fully functional application tracking system, it also serves as the central workspace for human resources executives and managers.

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The tool also comes with interactive templates for personalized recruitment drives. These are ready-to-use formats that do not need much editing before your recruiter can start with the actual talent hunt.

Some of the widely used templates are the entire recruitment pipeline, applicant tracker, candidate engagement, applicant feedback tracker, candidate sorting, and recruitment tracker. also offers advanced integrations with third-party tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Sheets, Google Drive, etc.


Hirebeat is a web-based tool that helps organizations of all sizes to substitute manual hiring with an AI-based automated platform.

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This AI-powered platform offers all the tools necessary to find the best people by posting available positions to hundreds of job boards, finding the right talent using AI resume analysis, and onboarding them more quickly. It helps to fulfill the immediate needs of candidates.

The tool offers a variety of resources, including a candidate grading system and a salary benchmarking tool, to enhance the hiring process and assist organizations in finding the best applicants.

Automating time-consuming operations like scheduling interviews and evaluating resumes speeds up the hiring process. One-way videos, ATS tools, and HR workflows are combined to expedite the process.

Hirebeat technology streamlines and improves the laborious hiring process, lowering enterprises’ costs.

A mobile app is also available from Hirebeat in addition to its web-based platform.

The centralized console of the tool is as shown below:


Top Features

  • AI Sourcing tool to narrow down the most acceptable candidates from several job boards
  • Centralized candidate management 
  • Bank of interview questions for speedy shortlisting
  • Reporting and Decision-Making Driven by Data

Hirebeat is the ideal choice for a hiring agency, SMB, or large business looking to incorporate an AI-based platform to automate the hiring process for more efficiency and cost-effectiveness. They offer a range of customizable pricing choices, from premium for large corporations to pay per work for smaller organizations. The platform is also available for 14 days of trial use.


Workday is also a leading name among tools that offer automated solutions for the plan-to-hire life cycle. It offers accurate budgeting, forecasting, and resourcing insights so that you can successfully plan your recruiting or onboarding processes.

Workday Applicant Tracking System

Workday is the right applicant tracking system to manage a pool of diversified talents for medium to large businesses. Its functionalities include the following activities:

  • Appropriate job marketing and candidate sourcing
  • Keeping candidates engaged with the application workflow
  • Pleasant experience throughout the recruitment drive for applicant and recruiter
  • Seamless collaboration platform for the recruitment team
  • Interview management, applicant analytics, and reporting
  • Data privacy and compliance with strict regulations

Therefore, the next time you need to run a hiring drive for a massive count of talents, take the right decision by including Workday ATS into your HR tech stack.


If you want to let an AI make the recruitment decisions, you should try out TurboHire. It enables you to hire the right and reliable talent through AI-based forecasting, which is 98% accurate.

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Also, TurboHire ATS makes the applicant assessment and interviewing process more engaging and elaborate to get the right developer, data scientist, or digital marketer for your growing business.

TurboHire comes with ten modules to get the perfect ATS tool for your recruitment agency or hiring manager.

A few notable modules are Job marketing, AI-Screening, Automated Feedback, Interview Scheduling, Address Applicant’s Inquiries, Candidate Engagement, Resume Screening, Reports, Analytics Dashboards, and Referrals.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit Applicant Tracking Software is a globally acclaimed solution for cloud-based recruitment and hiring on the go. It offers responsive cloud apps for desktops, laptops, Android, and iOS devices.

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Thus, if you are a recruitment agency with remote and on-premises agents, your team can always work on hiring projects if they are online. The tool is also equally beneficial for small, medium, and large businesses should they choose to run their own recruitment drives.

Its AI algorithm appropriately plans your recruitment projects so that you are not understaffed or overstaffed. The AI perfectly synchronizes the hiring phases like applicant sourcing, assessing the right candidate, running background verifications, and only interviewing the worthy applicant.


Manatal is yet another intelligent and cloud-based applicant tracking system worth trying. The following are the modules that help company HRs:

  • Drag-and-drop recruitment pipeline
  • Elaborate candidate profiles to access background, scores, skills, and so on
  • Robust search engine connecting to job boards
  • Advanced search tool for stringent applicant sorting
  • Integrate tools like Gmail, Outlook, or Office 365
Manatal Applicant Tracking System

Its recruiting and job placement agency-facing features are:

  • ATS-friendly resume formatting
  • Candidate CRM to address their inquiries
  • Email marketing and mass emailing through automation
  • Managing a rich database of worthy applicants and their resumes

An application programming interface (API) is also available for Manatal ATS. Therefore, companies can integrate recruiting projects with other tools.


JazzHR is a one-stop solution for all the human resources needs in any company. It offers three tiers of tools subscription, namely Hero, Plus, and Pro. Its capability changes with the subscription package you choose.

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The applicant tracking system is not available in the Hero subscription since this plan focuses on job posting and syndication. However, if you choose Plus, you get an ATS along with other services like job posting, syndication, assessments, and interviews.

The Pro package powers your company with enterprise-level recruitment modules like eSignatures, job offers, compliance, and reporting, including a functional ATS.

JazzHR ATS ensures that your recruiting workflow works smoothly and the entire team gets automatic tasks without going through redundant or duplicate assignments.


Jobvite focuses on end-to-end talent recruiting and intelligent and cloud-based applicant tracking software functionalities. A recruiting AI program manages all of the ATS and hiring modules so that you can experience the best productivity and cost savings.

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The tool is efficient for a broad industry spectrum like government, business services, healthcare, financial services, media, education, etc. Thus, it is the right tool if you run a growing recruiting agency.

Jobvite ATS empowers you to automate the manual processes in a recruiting workflow. It also provides data analytics and high-quality candidate profiles from several sources to get the right candidate for your company.

UKG Pro Recruiting

Formerly UltiPro Recruiting, UKG Pro Recruiting helps you attract a large pool of quality applicants so that you can choose the best of the top talents in your trade. The tool enables you to overcome barriers of offline recruitment through digitized tools for both desktop and mobile devices.

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You can also enable your potential candidates to apply easily through professional social media platforms like LinkedIn. Moreover, the tool lets you assess various skills of your potential employee, like behavior, motivation, long-term engagement, and professional abilities.

UKG Pro Onboarding Integration module of this tool is the main ATS program powered by iCIMS. It is essentially a cloud-based integration of UKG Pro with iCIMS so that users get advanced applicant tracking software for the ever-changing job market.


ApplicantStack is another industry-leading recruitment software that comes with a built-in ATS. It is a cloud-based web app and easily accessible from any computer like Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux, etc. Moreover, ApplicantStack is also available as a responsive mobile app.

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Its ATS program has an advanced algorithm for recruitment tasks like job creation, job posting, applicant pre-screening, resume sorting, etc. You can use the Optimize feature of ATS to find industry-related keywords on an applicant’s resume.

Set Rules and Score can rank potential candidates for your job post through resume scanning. Therefore, you can confidently interview the top talent from a large pool of possible candidates.


Trakstar makes it easy to reach out to a massive number of candidates through its partner job boards. Thus, you need not create a separate budget for job post-marketing for small or own hiring processes. If you are a recruiting agency, you can tap a huge database of top talents for various industries and trades.

Trakstar Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Other features of this ATS tool are:

  • Fair and professional hiring workflow
  • Engaging candidate communication
  • Data analytics, reporting, and data compliance
  • Increase the hiring speed without choosing the wrong applicant

Trakstar ATS also offers modern candidate management tools like email automation, offer management, and careers page widgets.


Teamtailor is a data-driven applicant tracking system for the cost and time savings of any recruitment project. Thus, the tool is equally important for recruitment agencies and independent businesses.

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In addition to a cloud-based web app, you can also run your recruitment projects from an Android or iOS mobile app. The core software has two separate modules: Manage and Collaborate.

The Manage module includes ATS functionalities like recruiting funnel stage tracking, extracting candidate data, ranking applicants based on the resume, automated communications, resume filters, keyword extraction, and data analytics.

FAQs on Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

Since the ATS tools are here to stay, job applicants should learn the following to witness success in job applications:

1. Can I Run My Resume Through ATS?

The company HR will go through your resume if you are using a standard resume format and include relevant information related to the position. However, you can also run your resume through an applicant tracking system if you have access to such tools.

You may not get your hands on the exact algorithm that the target company’s ATS tool uses. You can also use online ATS resume scan tools offered by online resume or cover letter creators.

2. Do All Companies Use ATS?

Most medium and large businesses use applicant tracking software (ATS). According to a Jobscan report, more than 98% of Fortune 500 corporations screen their job candidates through an ATS tool.

3. How Do I Get Past the ATS?

If you follow standard business resume writing guidelines and apply the following tips, your resume should go beyond the ATS tool:

1. Resume in MS Word format
2. No abbreviations
3. No images or charts
4. Only position relevant data
5. Industry-related keywords

Final Words

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a vital innovation for the human resources industry. In addition to automating the recruitment process, it seeks out the best candidate at a low operating cost for the recruitment drive.

If you are a business and looking for an affordable ATS tool, you can try out any or all of the options mentioned above. On the other hand, if you are a job aspirant, you can learn more about the top ATS tools so that you can prepare an ATS-friendly resume.

However, one thing is certain – you need to upload a Microsoft Word document since ATS tools read these files very well. If your Word file resume is corrupted or lost, you can recover Word documents quickly.