If you are a working professional and want to explore the HR profession sector, the best way is to complete a certification course online.

It is the right time to pursue a degree in HR online since virtual education is getting much more traction after the Covid-19 pandemic. Read on to learn more about HR degrees online and popular options.   

Role of the Human Resource Manager

Role of the Human Resource Manager

A Human Resource Manager shall direct and lead the routine work of the Human Resources (HR) division. Such routine tasks include interviewing and hiring staff, processing payroll, employee benefits, leaves, employee retention, etc. One of the most important tasks of an HR manager is to enforce corporate practices and policies.

Supervision Tasks

  • Hire associate-level HRs and train them
  • Providing performance evaluation reports on time
  • Taking disciplinary action and employee terminations


  • Work with the leadership team to plan current recruitment, future talent needs, succession planning, and talent retention.
  • Support and guide HR associates, generalists, etc., on challenging and delicate tasks.
  • Managing top-level executives’ hiring process like managers, technical professionals, etc., by working with department heads.
  • Keep the organization updated on new employment laws, wage codes, employee benefit revisions, regulatory requirements, and technologies for human resources.

To become a successful and highly-paid HR manager, you must possess the followings: 

HR manager,
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Tech-savvy and quickly learn technology software
  • Best at negotiating, resolving conflicts, and interpersonal relationship
  • Willing to act with professionalism, confidentiality, and integrity
  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources
  • Three or more years of experience in HR management
  • SHRM-CP certification

Why Online Human Resources Degree?

Why Online Human Resources Degree

According to a Northeastern University report from 2019: 

  • 61% of HR managers believe online degrees are equal to or better than traditional learning
  • 52% of employers believe that most advanced degrees in the future will be offered online
  • 33% of employers consider that online degrees, enabled by superior technologies, will dominate face-to-face learning.

The point is that online degree courses are getting attention. Institutions, students, and employers have started preferring HR degrees online because of the following:


Online degree classes are highly flexible. Teachers and students can sit in virtual meetings to discuss a schedule that fits their lifestyle.

Pursue Side Courses

Online human resources degree pursuers can also invest time upgrading skills like programming, marketing, blog writing, etc.

Students with a bachelor’s degree in HR can go for optional emphasis area courses in HR more efficiently than traditional learners.


Online degree courses are highly accessible. You can access top universities from anywhere without challenging student visa application processes.


Virtual degrees are genuinely affordable. You only need to pay the tuition fee and exam fee. You need not pay for hefty rental accommodations in foreign countries. Some institutions also offer installment payments for online students.    

Online Degree Vs. Online Courses/Certifications for HR

Certifications for HR

Online Degree for HR Profession

Such degrees are for you if you are a fresh graduate and want to pursue a career to become a top-level HR executive or leadership role. If you are not working yet and want to invest time in a 4-year degree course, then you must go for online HR degrees. Such degrees also open the door for Masters degrees in HR and allied fields.

With regular BS and MS degrees in HR completed online, you can land a job at the executive level with higher pay, benefits, and sometimes company stock options.

A regular online degree may not be viable for working professionals because they have other commitments. Affordability could also be an issue. However, some working professionals are pursuing an MBA with an HR emphasis to get a promotion or switch jobs for a better salary.       

Online Courses/Certifications for the HR Profession

Online Courses Certifications for the HR Profession

Depending on your personal and professional commitments and affordability, you can go for self-paced or instructor-led certification.

Certifications enable any graduate to switch careers by quickly learning the topics and skills required to deliver responsibilities at the workplace. You know less theoretical and more practical content.

Professional HR certification holders can also climb the ladder at the executive or leadership level. But that will require years of on-the-job experience and multiple industry-specific certification courses.    

Overview of HR Degree Online

The actual degree course outline and year of learning will depend on the degree awarding university/institution. In this degree, you will learn the social, legal, business, and ethical factors that shape companies. The courses will focus on employee benefits, recruitment, labor laws, compensation, and training. 

However, the following is an overview of an online human resources degree that most prestigious institutions follow: 

Year-Wise Course Outline

You must complete one course at a time. As you complete this online degree, you may also be exposed to vital subjects like accounting, economics, and management.

Freshman Year (1st Year)

  • Information Literacy
  • English Composition I and II
  • Ethics and Moral Reasoning
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • And other topics 

Sophomore Year (2nd Year)

  • Social Science
  • Management for Organizations
  • Human Resource Management
  • Principles of Accounting I
The Journey Towards Degree Completion

Junior Year (3rd Year)

  • Business Law I
  • Marketing
  • Employee and Labor Relations
  • HR Technology Management
  • Finance
  • Compensation and Benefits Management
  • And more topics

Senior year (4th Year)

In the 4th year, you mainly need to take some elective courses. These courses could include one or more Emphasis topics like Business Economics, Entrepreneurship, Health and Wellness, Supply Chain Management, and more.

Salary Expectations

The U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics report for May 2021 suggests that a Human Resources Specialist could earn between $37,680 to $108,160 per year. However, the average or median salary is $ 62,290 annually. 

The same agency has also reported in Ma 2021 that the Human Resources Managers have the potential to earn an annual salary of $75,000 to $163,360. And the median wage could be $126,230.

Now, find below some HR degrees online that could reshape your career and put you at a top-level position in the HR profession sector:  

Online Human Resources Degree: WGU

Online Human Resources Degree WGU

Earn a BS in Business Administration by signing up for this virtual HRM degree offered by WGU. ACBSP has accredited this course. Hence, you can be assured of the quality of the course and employability after successful completion.

The degree comes with flexible schedules. Hence, depending on your personal and professional programs, you can complete them in a year or four. According to WGU, 72% of students complete the degree within 43 months. 

Online Bachelor’s in HR Management: SNHU

Online Bachelor's in HR Management SNHU

SNHU is another prestigious university offering an updated BS in HR Management that focuses on the current market needs. It is a 120-credit course. The institution suggests 30 credits per year so that it will be a 4-year program.

SNHU has aligned the course curricula with SHRM and HRCI. Hence, after graduating, there is a high chance that you can obtain an SHRM or PHR certification in one go.  

Human Resource Administration: Anderson University

Human Resource Administration Anderson University

An Organizational Leadership bachelor’s degree program with an HR Administration specialization. Anderson University will be delivering the degree course online. The course comes with a flexible credit hour-type course completion schedule. 

You need to earn 120 credit hours in total. The study content will include general education, core courses, HRA concentration, and electives. There is a requirement for MAT 105 – College Algebra to apply to this degree program. 

BS in Human Resource Management: Capella University

BS in Human Resource Management Capella University

You can become an HR Management professional by earning a BS in Business from Capella University. The specialty of this degree course is you can choose between a self-paced and instructor-led study program. 

The self-paced one is cheaper than the guided one. So, if you know you are a diligent learner and need to save money, you can complete the degree on your terms. 

Human Resource Management: CSU Global

Human Resource Management CSU Global

CSU Global is yet another prestigious institution for pursuing higher studies. It offers a 120-credit bachelor’s degree program In HR Management. All of its learning content and tests will happen online. 

Also, you can work full-time and have personal commitments while pursuing this self-paced degree course. Moreover, the entire course outline has been aligned with the SHRM certification content so that you can easily pass this professional accreditation after graduating.   

BS in HRM: Faulkner University

BS in HRM Faulkner University

It is an accelerated online degree of BS in Human Resource Management offered by Faulkner University. You can complete the entire degree program in 56 weeks and get a degree at the earliest.

Alongside this degree, you can also pursue Health Administration as an emphasis area to increase areas of expertise. Total course work should be 12 hours, out of which the core requirement is 75 hours, and the program requirement is 45 hours.   

Online HR Development: Indiana State University

Online Human Resource Development Indiana State University

You can build a successful career as an HR Development officer by pursuing this online BS degree program from Indiana State University. 

After successful completion, you can carry out duties like employee career development, union relations, performance evaluations, and organization development. The course is open only for freshman and transfer students from USA and Canada. 

Online HR Management: Wayne State College

Online Human Resource Management Wayne State College

To become a consultant, manager, or coordinator in HR, you should check out this BS or BA degree program from Wayne State College.  

The degree will require you to earn 48 credit hours in a concentration course and 30 credit hours in general education. You can complete the rest of the 42 credit hours by adding electives or emphasis topics on human resources.  

HR Management Degree: University of Arizona Global Campus

HR Management Degree University of Arizona Global Campus

Forbes School of Business and Technology of the University of Arizona Global Campus is offering this prestigious course of BA in HR Management. 

It is a 4-year course and, hence suitable for freshman high school graduates or transfer graduates who want to pursue a career as an HR manager. Apart from the core human resources topics, you will also learn from accounting and economics disciplines.  

Bachelor’s in HRM: Davenport University

Bachelor's in HRM Davenport University

You can also check out this Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management from Davenport University. Its total course credit is 120, and the institution suggests you complete additional nine credits in elective topics.

The specialty of this degree is learn-by-doing. Furthermore, the course outline is similar to that of SHRM certification. Moreover, the degree qualifies for an employment guarantee.  

Human Resource Management: SMWC

Human Resource Management SMWC

This SMWC degree program in Human Resource Management prepares you to become the central attraction for your organization’s administration and staff management.

The institution has created two separate sections of courses:

  • One is the primary course in HRM for 120 credit hours. 
  • And the other one is an HRM minor for 18 credit hours. The course outline is in line with SHRM’s professional exams.    

Also, check out these alternatives offered by top edTech platforms: 

Human Resource Management: Coursera

Human Resource Management Coursera

It is a specialization course for HR professionals delivered on Coursera offered by the University of Minnesota. You can enroll in this course for free and complete it in a self-paced manner since the course is 100% online.   

Human Resource (HR) Management: GetSmarter

This GetSmarter course is also a specialization training content. You can implement functional HR management plans and strategies by completing this training online. 

HRM Hands-on with Case Studies: Udemy

HRM Hands-on with Case Studies Udemy

This Udemy course is an excellent opportunity to learn HR management, HR processes, HRIS, International HRM, Strategic HR Management, and HR ROI with hands-on case studies. There will be two case studies; the entire content is 4 hours and 34 minutes. 

Final Words

According to the U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics, the requirement for human resource specialists will increase by 10% from 2020 to 2030. And for the human resource managers, it is 9% for the same period.

Thus, it is a lucrative profession with growing demand. You can get an online degree from some of the above prestigious institutions and be ready to enter the workforce of managing people. 

You can also pursue the SHRM certification to become a globally accredited HR professional. Find here some SHRM certification prep courses that are popular.