Do you want to earn money with crypto? Well, investing in crypto is not just the only option that you have. Know about the best crypto affiliate marketing programs to start earning money.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming the game-changer in the present world and coming out as a way to earn extra bucks. People are investing in crypto at lower rates and gaining benefits with the increased rate in crypto.

However, if the stock market and crypto market are not your gigs, there are other ways where you can start earning money with crypto. But why crypto?

Based on the Allied Market Research, by 2030 crypto market is projected to reach $4.94 billion with a growth of 12.8% CAGR. It is coming out as the most strong market in 2022.

Significant Trends of Crypto to Watch Out For:

Here are some of the significant trends that one needs to focus on crypto:

  • Central banks of countries are taking up cryptocurrency as a significant adoption for financial stability, though several are not that keen due to stability in the market.
  • Bitcoin made a fresh start of $70,000 in 2021, but it went to $50,000 by November. However, in 2022, it is expected to face a bearish trend as it started at $29,000. One can expect a rise in Bitcoin with time and crack $100,000.
  • Increase in institutional investments with time from financial organizations and well-known companies. Especially with big names such as Facebook and Microsoft, including Metaverse in the mix, it will skyrocket in the coming years.
  • NFTs have become a game-changer with their easy access to decentralized funding giving financial freedom to creators and artists. It offers a secure path to authenticating ownership.

Crypto Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs and cryptocurrencies are becoming a new normal in the market. Several crypto affiliate marketing programs (a couple of hundreds) are available on the market where you can promote them and obtain commissions from them. It is an excellent way to start with a recurring revenue stream, especially if running a popular YouTube channel, website, news site, or even a well-known blog.

The best thing is that crypto affiliate programs are not just a one-time thing ideal for a month (or two) income. It can go on for years and give a good stream of income.

Several crypto lending platforms are available on the internet providing affiliate marketing programs. Here are some of the most popular options to explore.

Start earning like a pro by joining hands with the right crypto partner. offers a source of passive income to the promoters with simple steps. Fill in and submit the application, start promoting in the market, and receive additional perks and money.

The aim is to accelerate the transition in the market, offering promoters a VIP experience via partnerships via Formula 1, UFC, Paris Saint-Germain, etc. It is also easy to choose the preferred choice of payment – one-time or long-term.

Under the referral program, promoted will get 50% of their trading fees and up to $2,000 (CRO) for every referral they make. The bonus credits are also included for the promoters.


Kickstart your financial planning with the Coinbase affiliate marketing program. Under the program, the promoter can become an affiliate member to access impact tracking software and promotional assets. Start promoting Coinbase on different platforms using new content, articles, and ads across the internet to earn commissions.

As an affiliate marketer, promoters can access campaign tracking that gives them access to performance data, test campaigns with deep links, customer landing page tools, etc., and set up customizable performance reports. One can gain convenient payments in local currencies irrespective of your location and referral commissions (up to 50% of trading fees for initial months) electronically via bank accounts and PayPal.

Coinbase is one of the most accessible crypto affiliate programs, packed with reliable tools that follow security protocols to maintain the account’s privacy. It won’t be much challenging to promote Coinbase as it is one of the popular cryptocurrency platforms ruling the market.


CEX.IO crypto affiliate programs offer endless opportunities to earn money. One can join the affiliate program in simple steps, fill in an application to get a unique link, promote the link across different platforms, and obtain 30% of the affiliate fees for purchases and qualified trades.

CEX.IO can be your great way to maximize earnings while educating others about trading crypto. The promoters can get their hands on unlimited earnings opportunities with unique links and get more payouts at high commissions going up and beyond 30% of the trading fees referee is paying (depending on the policies).

The crypto or Bitcoin affiliate program cookies are for 30 days to obtain a return for promoting the application. It is an excellent way for someone involved in creating promotional content writing and even someone who can manage the success easily. On top of that, the promoters can leverage comprehensive promo material such as landing pages and banners.


Empower yourself with the right crypto affiliate program that can promote on several platforms. Gemini offers a chance to community leaders and content creators to start a passive income for promoting services and products. The promoters can start spreading the word around the Gemini affiliate program and secure their future.

Once you apply for the crypto affiliate program, Gemini’s team will analyze the application and send a unique link for approval. Content creators can start promoting custom links on ads, social media, and articles (another form of content) and generate revenue. The target audience is people who are interested in crypto investment or someone who wants to start their investment journey by helping them with overall growth.


Get more than 50% of the training commissions for every referral you send on BuyUcoin crypto affiliate programs. Promoters can get approximately INR 2000+ worth of assured bonus for every signup. BuyUcoin offers an unlimited passive income, 50% commission, lifetime validity, and a build crypto portfolio with no investment required.

It is easy to become an affiliate by applying to the BuyUcoin program to get access to promotional access and share the unique link on articles, social posts, blogs, videos, and more. Promoters can get commissions through every referral link without capping to earning potential.


Monetize your traffic with Binance affiliate marketing programs and earn commissions instantly. It is ideal for the crypto platforms, influencers, and content creators to earn special rewards and commissions on every trade, Binance Pool, Binance Spot, and more. The promoters can sign up for the affiliate programs, and the company will evaluate the application based on the criteria.

Get the unique link, share it with others across different platforms, track the performance for the Binance account, and earn up to 50% commission on each trade. The major affiliate incentives details are:

  • Signup bonus – $50 (share the bonus for the new promoter with your community)
  • Future commissions – 30%
  • Spot commissions – up to 50%
  • Dual investment commission – 3%
  • NFT commissions – 20%
  • Binance pool commissions – 30%
  • Liquid swap commission – 15%

Promoters must undergo the analyzing process, and if they are eligible, they will receive a referral link. Promoters must have 500 members in the trading community and 5000+ followers on social platforms. Based on future referral fees paid, promoters can earn $72,000 (3,000 USD for the content program) monthly in bonus rewards and lifetime referral attribution for referrals.


Bring more people to Paxful and get paid in commissions making it a mode of passive income. Paxful Bitcoin affiliate program offers financial freedom to crypto users and gets some bonuses. Get instant payment on every trade that your referee will make. When someone buys Bitcoin using your link, get 50% of the escrow fee and when someone buys Bitcoin using the link of someone under you, get 10% of escrow fees.

Paxful affiliate program is a great way to expand your team. People logged in using your link can connect with others, which will also help add income to your account. However, to cash out the earnings, it is essential to earn 10 USD worth of Bitcoin.

The best thing about this affiliate program is that it offers an excellent opportunity to earn passive income by sharing links or codes on crypto forums, social media, communities, logs, and whatnot. Promoters can start earning up to 50% on each trade made. It is easy to track the performance of affiliate links on the dashboard and cash out on reaching USD 10.

Blockchain Council

Blockchain Council affiliate program is ideal for the writers who work on exclusive content and have a dedicated affiliate manager to work on the significant aspects. The aim is to access promotional tools and assets to boost sales and get a competitive commission rate.

The promoters can register on the Blockchain Council LinkShare for an affiliate program, check to apply and offer section, and get started with affiliates. Crypto enthusiasts and subject experts can leverage from Blockchain Council, which can create awareness among developers, enterprises, society, and businesses.


Get up to 45% of total commission with the BitMEX affiliate program and exciting rewards. BitMEX affiliate program is considered an excellent program for members who want to create market awareness about cryptocurrency and earn a passive income during the whole process.

The promoters can make a trade on BitMEX and earn commissions if someone else joins (and make a trade). It is a great way to convert traffic into your source of income in a few simple steps. Sign up for the affiliate programs, complete onboarding, share the unique link across platforms, and gain rewards.

For the six months, the referees can gain a 10% fee discount and 45% of the commissions for the promoters. The monthly revenue is given to the promoter.


Earn $20 per subscription that happens with your unique referral link. CryptoView affiliate program offers a chance to let the audience know about the related niche and earn from it. It is ideal for influencers, reviewers, and bloggers that can get $20 credit in Bitcoin with a premium subscription plan.

One can also generate 90-day cookies and leverage marketing materials to spread the news with followers and keep track of it. It is easy to start earning money by signing up and sharing information online. The marketing materials are used for partnership and affiliate purposes, offering a deep dive into crypto.


Now is the best time to get started with the YouHodler partner program and get a commission for every active client that signup and makes a trade using your code. YouHodler is easy to work with; sign up for the program, get a tracking link, bring people to your site, make them log in using the link, and start generating money.

The promoters can get approximately a 15% high conversion rate, get payment in stablecoins, crypto, or fiat, and leverage above-average payouts. Several offers are available for the YouHodler’s audience, such as conversions with minimal fees, crypto savings accounts, crypto loans, fiat transfer, Turbocharge, and MultiHODL.

The marketing agencies, affiliates, crypto enthusiast, influencers, crypto investors, and introducing brokers can kickstart their passive income. It is packed with extensive marketing materials such as videos, banners, landing pages, competitions, promotions, and product descriptions. One can also leverage the dedicated account manager, a dashboard for traffic analysis, and automated tracking links.


Get started with a dedicated crypto affiliate program and get paid in Bitcoin and Euro with Coinhouse. Coinhouse offers classic account transactions with a 35% commission and receives a weekly SEPA transfer. Along with this, get a 50€ commission for premium customers with the performance improvement.

Along with this, promoters can leverage several dedicated tools, such as reporting tools to understand the data sets, account manager, and media catalogs such as videos, texts, or banners.


With the Bitfinex affiliate program, you can earn up to three degrees of connections growing overall earnings with time. Grow your profits with the Bitfinex affiliate program with over 55% commission with up to three degrees of connections. It also offers multipliers and incentives for the promoters.

The aim is to earn unlimited commissions by sending out the invite on social networks, generating money, and tracking the earnings on the dashboard. The program’s commission structure allows the promoter to get margin funding fees and a percentage of the trading.

The referrals also allow promoters to get multipliers for commissions and earn a good amount of real-time networking. The multipliers include 1.5x UNUS SED LEO, 1.44x verification, and 1.44x social. It offers 18% for the first degree, 6% for the second degree, and 2% for the third degree.

Shift Crypto

Shift Crypto affiliate program is one of the most popular ones with 12% commission excluding 20% VAT and shipping costs. The promoters will get paid in Bitcoin, Bank transfer, and BitBox shop vouchers. A minimum of 50 EUR is the payout for promoters, and confirm the sale post 30 days (in case of refund, return, or cancelation).

The promoters can sign up on the Shift Crypto affiliate page and start with the work. It is easy to share the affiliates across different platforms and get a commission of 12% with a payout threshold of 50 EUR. It has to follow several policies and affiliate obligations that promoters need to follow.


It is the best time to monetize your traffic with Bitpanda affiliate programs to help promoters reach their full potential and earn competitive commissions. It offers resources that one can use to monetize their traffic, such as features, ad material, and personal support.

Bitpanda affiliate programs offer a commission to promoters with higher conversion rates on different payouts such as CPA, CPV, Revenue Share, and more options. One can invest in Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polkadot, etc., with a zero-maintenance index.


Become a part of the affiliate industry with the Coinmama program that offers a chance to publishers, bloggers, comparison sites, and others to earn good money just by sharing and recommending it to the community. Coinmama affiliate program allows promoters to earn up to 30% of commissions by sending out the link to others.

Get up to 50% of affiliate commission with Exchange programs for the first six months. It has several benefits, such as no time limit to earn money, easy payouts using bank account details, and real-time stats to track the earnings.

Exchange affiliate program is an easy solution for the marketers to earn with each trade made by others using their link. Publishers, analysts, communities, and social media influencers can share the link via email, podcasts, blogs, and social media platforms.


Start promoting iTrustCapital and get the rewards quickly. iTrustCapital affiliate program allows users to participate in something bigger and better with investment innovation. The promoters can become part of an affiliate program to generate revenue and earn without much effort.

For every account funded, you can start getting money with IRAs mainstream. The audience can use your referral link to create a new account on iTrustCapital and receive $100 within 45 days of funding. IT offers a 24/7 tracking and reporting tool for monitoring email subscriptions and clicks.


How much money can I earn with crypto affiliate programs?

The total amount depends on the guidelines and commission policies of the companies. It can be 5% and go up to 40%-45% (and vary from program to program).

How can I promote crypto affiliate programs?

If you have a blog, social media platform, and news website, you can start promoting the links on them. One can also share it over text and WhatsApp giving a comprehensive platform to reach out.

How to choose the best crypto affiliate marketing programs?

If you are considering accepting crypto affiliate marketing programs, you need to consider factors like payment methods, commission rates, security measures, and its reputation in the market.


Thats it! These are the best crypto affiliate marketing programs you can opt for and grow in the market. The aim is to increase your reputation in the market, avoid any hassle of earning money and gain valuable exposure for passive income.

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