Installing an operating system for a computer is easier than ever. If it is a couple of computers, it should not take long.

But, what do you do when it comes to multiple computers tailored for a business or corporate environment?

This is where desktop imaging solutions or OS deployment services come in handy. But, what do they do? How do they make things easy?

Here, we shall find out more about desktop imaging solutions and some of the best options that any small or medium business can opt for.

Why Do You Need a Desktop Imaging Tool?

It could have been feasible if it was just limited to installing the operating system on a couple of systems. But, considering that most of the OS deployments in a business or office environment need a particular configuration, it will be time-consuming to configure every system the same way separately.

Not just limited to that, ensuring every desktop works in the same is difficult. We’re humans; after all, some systems may have been configured differently, which will lead to a different experience for the employee and disrupt the work.

So, whenever you need to install an operating system, a set of applications/tools, and set things the way you want on multiple systems, it involves rigorous testing (which is time-consuming) and keeping tabs on the same thing without any differences.

So, how can you install an operating system on multiple computers with the same configuration required?

OS deployments tools are the answer to it.

It is also the reason why you need work OS software for efficient remote work.

With a desktop imaging service, you can easily copy the configuration required from a single computer and then deploy it to all the other computers without any hassle.

So, a desktop image deployment software saves time, reduces effort, and makes it easy to deploy OS for multiple computers.

Benefits of Using an Image Deployment Service

Overall, you get the convenience and ease of deployment, but what are its benefits?

Let me highlight some of them as follows:

  • The ability to remotely control/manage systems.
  • Management is not just limited to computers, but laptops and mobile devices can also be controlled.
  • Availability of multiple pre-defined configurations for complex setups.
  • Extra features to secure the network.
  • Automate deployments.
  • Centralized control of everything.

In addition to all this, the software vendor (one who developed or funds the service) can also provide you with quick support in case you run into issues.

Now that you know the benefits and use of desktop imaging solutions let me highlight some of the popular choices you can go with.

Desktop Central

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Desktop Central by ManageEngine is an increasingly popular choice for businesses associated with remote work. Along with deploying OS, it also provides options for patch management, license management, mobile device management, bandwidth optimization, and more.

Interestingly, you also get many other add-ons like Endpoint security if you want an all-in-one solution to centralize deployments and manage security.

The free edition supports up to 25 computers and 25 mobile devices and all the essential features. You can still opt for premium add-ons when using the free feature.

Desktop Central supports the most popular operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Chrome OS, and iPadOS.

ManageEngine’s Desktop Central offers a range of flexible choices to pick it up as your preferred deployment solution.

AOMEI Image Deploy


AOMEI is a good solution for users looking to manage computers without mobile devices.

It offers a free edition where you get to deploy operating systems to 20 computers simultaneously. While it supports various Windows versions, you cannot deploy images to different hardware unless you get the premium edition.

If you are looking for simple and effective deployment solutions, this is it. Unlike some options, it does not feature any extra features, but it offers a 90-day money-back policy.

It should be a good fit for small businesses, but it does not offer any enterprise options with dedicated support options.

Snap Deploy

snap deploy

Snap Deploy by Acronis facilitates OS deployments with one of the most flexible pricing plans available.

Suppose you want to deploy a couple of systems, but want the ease of managing those deployments. With Snap Deploy, you can purchase licenses per computer and per deployment.

This way, you do not have to spend a lot on a few computers. Also, it can help you calculate your spending and optimize the investment as per your requirements.

Unlike others, it does not feature a free edition but offers a 30-day free trial.



If you are looking for fast and automated disk imaging software, KACE should be an excellent candidate to consider.

It lets you automate configurations, drivers, applications, and several other things that allow you to reduce the complexity in deploying an OS.

It offers centralized management where you can build and schedule complex deployments easily.

You can customize the deployment configurations after it has been set up. Also, you can remotely perform repairs and recover your systems using Windows/Mac tools. Hence, you do not need to rely on third-party software for Windows recovery or Mac recovery.

So, you get all the essentials to manage the deployments.



Clonezilla is undoubtedly one of the best disk cloning programs for Windows. If you do not want centralized management or premium features, this is for you.

Clonezilla is free to use. So, if you want to deploy OS to computers, this should be a perfect choice.

However, note that using Clonezilla may not be the most accessible experience ever. So, you may want to go through its documentation before proceeding with it.


smart deploy

SmartDeploy is an exciting imaging solution that provides you insights and the ability to manage several aspects of deployments.

Starting from remote automation to migrations, you get a lot of features with SmartDeploy. Other features include driver management, windows updates, app deployments, and PC refresh.

You can download their trial version to experience the platform.

Disk Imaging Solutions Help Businesses Manage Computers Efficiently

No matter the size of your team, deploying an OS seamlessly to multiple computers with the configuration you need should result in a great experience when using the systems.

Not only reduce the efforts for IT management, but automated deployment solutions also eliminate unnecessary risks associated with managing and troubleshooting computers and other devices.

Every service offers a different set of features and a premium option per your requirements. You should carefully evaluate what you need and opt for some of the options listed above.

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