A computer virus in the digital world is similar to any burglar or thief in the real world. Because of that, everyone who uses a computer or laptop has to be cautious while using the internet.

Internet is the primary reason any virus or worms enter your personal devices. Malware stays the main web-based danger that presents enormous risks to PCs, particularly when associated with the web. This is the reason behind the advancement of many antivirus tools, including online virus scanners for files.

How can you say whether the attachment document you got by email or downloaded from an unknown site is protected from running and not tainted by a virus? You would most likely depend on the antivirus that comes on your PC to let you know if it’s protected or not. The truth is that antivirus tools are never a great option in identifying and forestalling all viruses. 

Since each antivirus software is unique, sensibly examining a dubious file or folder you’ve recently downloaded from a risky web page with different antivirus would not be feasible. Nonetheless, you can’t typically install numerous antivirus software on your PC, or, more than likely, there would be clashes making your PC slower than ever. An answer to this issue is to utilize the best online virus scanner.

What do you mean by an Online Virus Scanner?

Essentially an online antivirus scanner is a web-based assistance that anybody can transfer documents to and have them checked with a wide range of antivirus programming software. You should simply visit the site, peruse your desired document to review, click a button to begin the upload of your document, and wait for the results.

In just a couple of seconds or minutes, relying upon the server burden and speed, the results are then shown on your internet browser for you to choose if it is compromised or not.

Online Security

Suppose you suspect that your gadget is contaminated with a virus and you haven’t yet bought any paid antivirus. In that case, a free internet-based virus scanner can give a speedy and simple solution without downloading and installing any third-party antivirus software.

These online virus scanners do their process on cloud servers, so these scanners will not consume your device’s processor power to perform their task. Moreover, computational speed on those servers is unimaginable compared to your PCs. So, you can say that using online virus scanners is the best option for anyone.

Online Virus Scanner Vs. Offline Antivirus Software

We all know that at first, antivirus was introduced as offline software only. After many years of this invention, online scanners came into the market to lure the pure new customer base who believes in space-saving concepts in this world of cloud-based technologies.

There are many different aspects of how online scanners are better and different from the old-school antivirus software. Have a look at the below-mentioned reasons.


No installation required

If you use offline antivirus software, you have to download and install it in your system. This will take lots of space in your storage. While online virus scanner does not require any storage space as you can use them directly from your browser.

Free Basic Scanning

The main element of an internet-based virus scanner is that they are free. A web-based virus scanner takes no extra charges. While the filtering is free, it is accepted that the results it gives will likewise be restricted to some extent, and a user will not get a total examining bundle as compared to the offline one.

More frequent updates

One of the major benefits of an online virus scanner is that it is consistently efficient and robust with more frequent updates. It gets new updates due to the web-based community of developers who continuously contribute to several open-source software. So, a client can utilize modern web-based programming, which covers the issues that were not covered previously.

Live threat check

While using any online virus scanners, you may get the support of live checking of viruses and malware on every site you visit. Furthermore, it can also detect any SQL queries which might harm a user’s database.

Speedy and Efficient

As previously mentioned, these online virus scanners do their processing part on their high-speed cloud-based servers. The speeds of such servers cannot be compared with any normal computer. For example, if one file of 18 GB takes 20 minutes to scan on your computer with the offline antivirus software, an online scanner might take less than 5 minutes to scan that same file with more precision and efficiency.

Now, let us look through some of the best online virus scanners you can use to scan your files.


VirusTotal permits you to look through its informative database using a single file, a URL, an IP address, a domain, or a file hash. On top of that, VirusTotal offers the most significant scope of tools and has possibly the most extensive databases of malignant files and file signatures of various other users.

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Moreover, It was acquired by Google in September 2012. In contrast with its rivals, VirusTotal wins in pretty much every viewpoint, like speed (because of Google’s foundation) and having the engines of most antivirus.

It also comes with free open API use, URL filtering, a voting system where users can also comment, numerous language preferences, extra data on the investigated file, and different ways of sending that file to VirusTotal (web, email, program expansions, work area programs, versatile applications).


Internxt provides one of the best and most simple web-based virus scanning tools. You have to go to their website, and there you can see one dialog box to upload any suspicious file, or you can also drag and drop that file into that section. Internxt will then do its job to find whether your file is corrupted or not by using its world-class mechanism.


Moreover, you can upload any file as big as 1 GB which is one of the best features of this site. More than 1 Million users have trusted Internxt for their files’ privacy concerns as well as more than 30 recognized institutions have acknowledged their work with awards and mentions. 

Apart from being an online virus scanner, it also provides the option for cloud storage and a safe and secure synced photo gallery where you can upload and save your photos. It provides 10 GB of storage for free and for a lifetime, and its pricing starts from € 0.99 per month for 20 GB storage, and it goes up to € 9.99 per month for 2TB of storage which can be helpful for big businesses.

Opentip by Kaspersky

We go on with one more online virus scanner, Opentip, made by a renowned organization that works in the antivirus industry, Kaspersky. The process of file scanning is pretty simple with this online scanner. First, you have to upload your file to the analysis section. Then it will search with all the Kaspersky records of viruses and malware collected with the help of a large customer base of Kaspersky.

This online scanner permits you to upload and check records up to 256 MB from your device. Furthermore, it also supports target files using IPs, Hash, or URLs. It’s a straightforward service, yet you might get intrigued to take this service if you trust Kaspersky antivirus and need to utilize it to examine your files free of charge and without downloading and installing anything.

Jotti’s Malware Scan

As compared to other online virus scanner sites, Jotti is very outdated in terms of user interface and design. Though, it can still manage to do its job pretty well. It is entirely free software, so anyone can use it.

You can upload a maximum of 5 files at a time with a storage cap of 250 MB per slot. While it looks oversimplified, it is a valuable scanner for examining explicit documents, particularly installers from third-party sites and executable files and applications, before utilizing it on your device.


Moreover, it uses 14 different antivirus programs to check your file’s vulnerability report. Some of the famous scanners used by Jotti’s Malware Scan are Avast, K-7, Bit Defender, and many more. Moreover, the tool always uses the updated versions of the scanners mentioned. You should keep in mind that it shares all your personal files with its antivirus scanner partners to improve accuracy.

Dr. Web

The Dr. Web scanning site is one of the most superficial scanners on this list. But if you want things to be simple, this can be the best option available for you. It can support only one file at a time with a maximum size of 10 MB. If you are willing to check multiple files in one go, you have to zip those files and then upload that one single zip file for reviewing purposes.


After uploading your file, you have to click on the send button. Then one window will pop up, which will show the scan results as shown above in the image. If it shows that your file contains a malicious virus and you know it is clean, you can also report False Positive results on their site. Moreover, it also provides API, which you can use to put their service on your website for free of cost.

MetaDefender Cloud

MetaDefender is a very easy-to-use internet-based tool that filters and dissects documents, hashes, and IP addresses. It is exceptionally similar to Jotti’s Malware Scan and VirusTotal. You simply need to transfer a file or enter an IP address for scanning purposes.

One of its unique services is dissecting suspicious emails too. You can forward any suspicious mail to sanitize@metadefender.com for analysis purposes. It will return results that will assist you with deciding whether the email is safe to open or not.

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Strangely, OPSWAT, the organization creating MetaDefender, likewise offers reports about the latest activities and news about security and safety. Exclusively, you can access malware flare-up reports and statistics of its related data. The site will filter the file you upload with more than 20 different antivirus software, searching for any risk, including strong names like Avira, McAfee, or BitDefender.

Hybrid Analysis

Hybrid Analysis is a fantastic online program that filters for specific dangers for free. You should bookmark it in your browser and utilize it before running any recently downloaded antivirus software on your PC. 

You can upload a document of up to 100 MB into the program window or directly insert the file path. Similarly, pasting a link of the program from your browser will also work (to check without downloading it to your PC). This is the best thing because you can know whether a file is safe to download or not. Lastly, you have to click “Analyze.”

Hybrid Analysis

Hybrid Analysis takes this online virus scanning process one step ahead. A majority of the online scanners mentioned in this article scan your file in any antivirus software such as Avira, McAfee, Avast, and others.

But here, Hybrid Analysis takes your file to multiple online virus scanning tools such as VirusTotal, MetaDefender, and many more, which are more secure and safe comparatively. Additionally, you can scan IPs, domains, and hashes on Hybrid Analysis.


Indeed you can download any of the best antivirus software available, but it will cost you money and disk storage. Trying out an online virus scanner is the best alternative to such software if you only want to scan some of the files on your computer. 

Checking your computer files for malware and virus threats will help keep your system safe and secure.

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