Are you planning to follow a healthy lifestyle? Here are some of the best calorie counter apps to follow.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping track of your exercise routine, the food, you consume, and the number of calories you intake is essential.

It can be for planning exercise regimens, gaining or losing weight, and learning about healthy food. When your primary focus is on losing weight, it is best to count calories using some top apps and websites.

However, you may get overwhelmed with the options available in the market for calorie-counting apps. It is a similar feeling when it comes to choosing a food API solution.

Here are some o the top calorie-tracking apps available in the market that offers great insights to the users.


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Live better and more innovative with Cronometer app that allows users to track calories, record health data, biometrics, and exercise pattern. Cronometer offers a wide range of features that can help discover the nutritional value of what one consumes beyond counting calories. The users can leverage the account security and privacy policies and obtain accurate dietary data from the food log.

The aim is to help consumers develop healthy habits, see their progress, meet their goals, and achieve nutrition targets. It offers features like:

  • Logging meals, biometrics, and exercise details
  • Get custom recipes to try reaching a health goal
  • Tracking 82 micronutrients and macronutrients
  • Custom diet settings to meet the goals
  • Valuable charts and reports correlating over time
  • Following diet support as per the recommendations
  • Following intermittent fasts and their effects

It is also possible to sync the application with other devices and apps for better insights, such as Google Fit, Apple Health, Samsung Health, and other trackers.


Get on to healthy living with a Lifesum self-care app to help reach weight and health goals.

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Lifesum is packed with several benefits, such as:

  • Helping users to find the ideal nutritious diet such as high protein and clean eating.
  • Barcode scanner to identify food items and log them into the system to keep track of their nutritional information.
  • Opt for several nutritious and tasty recipes to gain nutritional value for daily energy intake.
  • Simplified meal plans such as Vegan and Keto Burn depend on users’ health goals.
  • Easy to create and customize a healthy journey to reach the goals.
  • Choose from the vast food database with important nutritional details such as carbs, fat, calories, and protein content.
  • Track small habits like drinking water and consuming vegetables/fruits to promote healthy habits.

The meal plans are a great way to kickstart your journey towards a healthy journey with 7-21 days of pre-planned meals, digital shopping lists, top ingredients, and customized plans as per your requirements. It comes with protein weight loss, keto burn, paleo, sugar detox, and many more.


With the motto of “Fitness starts with what you eat”, MyFitnessPal is working continuously on breaking down ingredients. It also includes features like tracking calories and logging activities to help you reach your goals. MyFitnessPal offers several features like giving information about important nutrition in the food, counting calories, and serving size for the specific meal.

The app offers insight into BMI, tone up, and lose weight to invest in health with the right features such as simple logging, saving meals, scanning barcodes, and tracking food. One can keep a food diary to increase the likelihood, understand food habits, and get tips from the community. One can integrate MyFitnessPal with other applications like FitBit and Samsung Health for better living.


Start living a healthy life with a proper diet, weight loss, and nutrition assistance at MyNetDiary. MyNetDiary offers a scientifically-proven way to drop extra weight and start living a healthy lifestyle.

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It is packed with features like:

  • Set a target to choose the desired target date, weight loss rate, and calories such as proteins, carbs, and fat.
  • Monitor your goals to reach your desired goals while receiving advice. One can check your weight loss forecast to make better choices.
  • Find the proper diet such as low-carb, vegetarian, calorie counting, vegan, and keto.
  • Log into your exercises and meals to keep track of the nutrition you are consuming, food, and physical activities for better planning.

MyNetDiary encourages you to reach your goals, catalog food quickly, and leverage recipes that can help to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lose It!

Follow the right weight loss plan to keep track of food with Lose It! that comes with features like setting your goals, tracking food, and getting healthier results.

Lose It! offers other features like macro tracking (carbs, protein), water tracking, behavior reports, device integration, a smart camera, and a scanner. The users can quickly achieve a healthy weight while setting up goals, counting the calories consumed, and learning about the consumed food.

The app focuses on the proven approach that can help members to lose weight and lead a healthy life by creating the best solutions and adapting to significant changes. Lose It! offers quick fixes for weight loss, inspiring users to think out of the box and encouraging them to balance their journey. One can easily track the food, count calories, and start by losing weight.

Carb Manager

Jump onto the best keto and low-carb diet with Carb Manager to maintain a healthy life and track food. Carb Manager lets users know about low-carb and keto diets while implementing it. It will help users to understand it and get results in approximately three weeks.

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One can generate personalized meal plans, choose curated meal plans, log into meals consumed, and go beyond tracking calories. It is easy to monitor blood glucose, glycemic load, ketones, intermittent fasting, and insulin. Users can analyze advanced health metrics, simplify grocery runs, and pick delicious recipes with a few clicks.

The application offers details about:

  • Gaining mental clarity
  • Lose weight quickly
  • Restore balance
  • Optimize energy
  • Ketones
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Blood glucose
  • Manage cravings

Carb Manager offers thousands of recipes for the consumers, save time with automatic grocery lists and meal plans, and tracks consumed food. The low-carb lifestyle with Carb Manager aims to gain accurate results and stop worrying about cravings.


Know how many calories you have consumed in under one minute using Nutritionix. It will help you stay on a healthy path and ensure you follow your desired goals. The application comes with a smart search making it easy to search for history, restaurants, groceries, and common food.

Using Natural Language Processing to type and speak freely, one can also predict results based on your data. It comes with user-friendly databases of grocery-branded food and restaurants. One can create their recipes and log them anywhere at any time. The best feature is that one can share the recipes with others to help them achieve the desired results.


MyPlate calorie counter, Livestrong, has become one of the top-most applications for improving overall health and promoting weight loss. The user-friendly application helps log workout details, track food consumption, and calculate calories via Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Livestrong helps the user calculate calories to shed extra weight and reach their fitness goals. It is easy to control your diet, get nutritional information, and eat what can help you remain fit easily with this application. You can also get recommendations as per your dietary preference, helping you get to your calorie goal for weight loss. The best thing is that it can track calcium, sugar, and cholesterol level based on one’s food consumption.

It has several meal plans, including a weekly shopping list, delicious recipes, and eating options. It is easy to stay inspired by the community of millions of users that offers support to fellow users with their stories and struggle.


When it comes to choosing a calories counter, it is best to keep the significant factors in mind, such as:

  • Several apps focus on special diets to help users achieve their dietary goals, such as vegan, keto, low carb, and paleo.
  • Some apps can integrate data automatically to understand the goals easily.
  • It is best to check your preferences and personal requirements before choosing the right app.
  • The billing and subscription method can help to offer some additional benefits one needs to consider.

With this said, it is best to remember that you don’t depend on calorie-counting apps that can lead to eating disorders and food obsession. Also, it may not be healthy to rely on such apps for weight loss while having a negative impact on mental and physical health.