Technology has always helped us to do things more properly than they were done before.

From Washing clothes with a washing machine to listening to the radio on smartphones, things have changed a lot and keep changing with time. It cannot be said that technology has no contributions in terms of taking care of our children too. There are a lot of smart devices that help maintain children’s safety.

One such device is the GPS tracker for kids that can help you keep an eye on them. With the help of a tracker, you can continuously monitor where your kid is going and can even keep a watch so that he never gets far away from playing.

Benefits of GPS Tracker for Kids


Worried about where your kid is going while you are busy with something or want to keep a check on where they go regularly? GPS trackers have your back then.

The best part about the kids’ tracker is that the kids will not even have a clue that they are being tracked. Whether your kids are going to school or they are going to a picnic, you’ll always have their location with this one-of-a-kind smart device.

Why Should One go for GPS Trackers?


GPS trackers work as the best for tracking your kids and ensuring their safety as we know that in these times, a crime against kids has taken rapid growth, and GPS trackers can help you make your kids safe.

You can’t make sure where your kid will play or where he will go in a matter of seconds; in this scenario, GPS trackers can be the best fit for you to track them down and ensure they are safe.

Around half a million kids in the US went missing, as per stats of 2017 shared by the National Crime Information Center. These stats clearly show why parents need GPS trackers for their kids. However, it cannot be said that trackers give a 100% guarantee that your child will be completely safe, but yes, GPS trackers can help avoid any upcoming dangers to a great extent.

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AngelSense trackers can easily solve the purpose of tracking your kids and keeping a watch on them. This tracker offers the immediate location of your child along with proactive alerts. The device also notifies you when your child visits or is taken to an unfamiliar or unexpected place and late arrivals and departures.

You can also have a word with your child in case of any emergency as the device offers a 2-way voice with an auto pickup speakerphone.

With a highly durable battery, AngelSense GPS tracker ensures that it will not get discharged in situations of emergency. The device has been created considering children and individuals with special situations like Autism, dementia, and others.


If you wish to monitor what your kids are up to in real-time on their tablets and smartphones, uMobix can be the first step forward. More than 30+ applications and platforms that uMobix can monitor, such as Facebook and Skype. Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

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The software can view callers’ info, duration, timestamps, outgoing/incoming calls, read messages sent or received via applications, get accurate real-time location, put media files on the target device, etc.

It protects children from cyberbullying, internet addiction, and adult website browsing. Also, the app work on all iPads, iPhones, and Android OS 4+ that one can set up in 5 minutes for a reasonable price.



If you are looking for a compact GPS tracker, then Jiobit is the best fit for you. The tracker is not bigger than a cookie, as claimed by the company.

The device lets you check in when needed, along with access to the live tracking feature. Jiobit claims that this GPS tracker offers government-level encryption. The device’s live mode feature lets you track your kids’ real-time location, and you can also add trusted places on the map where the kid travels regularly.

The kids can use the Alert Me feature to establish a connection with their parents in case of an emergency. The best part about the app is that you can create a care team for your kid and add your close ones, so you’ll get easily notified whenever your kids are with someone you trust, along with their exact location.


  • Easily wearable due to its compact size
  • Waterproof and highly durable

You can buy Jiobit on Amazon.


If you are looking for a smartwatch cum GPS tracker for your kid, then the KIDSnav smartwatch is the answer to your query.

The device lets the child make and receive calls just like any other smartphone. It also has a built-in SOS button that can be used by the child to alert their parents or caretakers in case of an emergency. The pedometer feature of the KIDSnav smartwatch allows you to track your child’s activity and the steps per day.

The most amazing part about this GPS tracker is that it also has a removal sensor that immediately informs the parents and turns the GPS on if there is a case of device removal. The smartwatch also features a power-saving mode that helps it in lasting longer.


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Gator is a watch cum phone cum GPS tracker that ensures the safety of your kid. The Gator watch comes with a pre-installed SIM, and it also has a free parental app available on the Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The Gator watch connects with multiple networks on a worldwide basis and supports calling features for 13 different numbers. The location tracking feature of the gator is based on GPS tracking when the person is outdoors and WiFi tracking when the person is indoors. The company claims that the watch cum GPS tracker offers a four days battery life.

Weenect GPS tracker

If you are looking for a GPS tracker with a highly durable battery, then your search ends here at Weenect Kids Tracker.


This device offers a 7-day battery life and Android and iOS support. The SOS button in the trackers lets your child connect with you as soon as they encounter any unwanted situation. You can manage various devices for your kids and track them all with a single account. This makes Weenect stand out from the crowd.

It uses Augmented Reality to tell your child’s location, making it easy for the parents to locate their children. The geolocation history feature of the Weenect helps you check the live route of your child, and you can also replay their outings and other journeys to ensure they took the right path.

Find My Kids

We can’t miss mentioning Find My Kids while talking about the best GPS trackers for kids.

The app provides notifications for all the places where your child visited. You can install the app on your kid’s smartphone or even give them the Find My Kids GPS tracker watch. The catchy part with the app is that it lets you hear what is going on around your kid so that you can know the actual environment around your kid.

If the app has been installed on your child’s device, it even allows you to see the data of time spent on every app by your kids. It comes with a call for help button that allows your child to connect with you in an emergency. With this tracker, kids can also share their photos with you so that you can know they are completely safe.

SmartThings Tracker

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The Samsung SmartThings tracker is one of the best alternatives available on the list. The tracker is completely waterproof and lets you keep tracking your child’s route and places he/she visits. The geofencing feature of the trackers creates a customized zone and alerts you whenever the trackers get in or out of that particular zone.

Regarding battery life, the Samsung SmartThings tracker beats all the competition as it lasts for ten days on a single charge. To save the battery and keep the device running for a long time, it goes into power-saving mode after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Lil Tracker

The Lil Tracker 4G GPS watch can be said to be the most user-friendly GPS tracker for kids. It is a colorful GPS tracker cum smartwatch with an interactive display. You can even call or text your kids with the app, just like you do it with a cell phone. As soon as the child taps the SOS button, the watch will directly call people whose number has been added to the watch.

The Lil tracker GPS watch also alerts you if your child leaves the defined area. With the high sensitivity mic, you can also judge the surroundings of your child. The watch also stores around three months of your child’s step data, and it works as a fitness tracker.


The trackers mentioned above can help parents to track kids for their safety. From live tracking to two-way calling, every one of them has something different to offer.

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