Finding the perfect music 🎵 for your videos is a challenging job.

Appropriate music can take your video to a greater level than anything else. Inappropriate music can ruin all your video creation efforts at the same time.

If you look at various videos on YouTube, you will find every video consists of music. And day by day, finding the best royalty-free tunes and music is becoming hectic for video makers. This is the case for people with smaller budget constraints.

But before we continue to find royalty-free music resources, let’s first understand what it is.

What is Royalty-Free Music?


It is a license that allows the buyer to use a music tone in multiple applications with only one-time purchases. It means the buyer doesn’t need to pay the music owner repeatedly upon its recurring use.

So, can you have royalty-free music for free?

Yes, some audio providers or artists permit you to utilize their music free of cost. You don’t need to make any upfront payment for this. However, the copyright of the music will stay with them. The music owner themself decides the types of license for the music.

Benefits of Royalty-Free Music

For video makers, there are several benefits of using royalty-free music. Let’s explore a few of them.

  • Cheap or Free: Royalty-free music offers a cost-effective way to add music to your videos. You can even find free royalty-free music. The difference lies in the quality of the music.
  • No Copyright Issues: By using royalty-free music, you can avoid copyright infringement issues.
  • Repeated Use: Royalty-free music allows you to use it in multiple applications depending on your license type.

Imagine you have done days and hours of hard work making a video, promoting it, and more. And in the end, you know it has been removed because of copyright infringement. This happens with many video creators, especially those who have just entered this field.

All these things are possible to avoid if you use royalty-free music. This gives you a way to create legally valid videos and an affordable option to create engaging content.

There are multiple sites online that offer royalty-free music. You can use the music available there and create impressive videos effectively.

Let’s explore some good websites where you can find royalty-free music.


Bensound offers copyright-safe and ready-to-use royalty-free music for platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, Twitch, Instagram, etc. You get a valid license for a lifetime, even after closing your account or membership.


The royalty-free music you get here includes Ambient, Epic, Calm, Dark, Folk, Jazz, Rock, and more.


Pixabay offers you more than 110000 royalty-free music tunes. These tracks are ideal for use in YouTube videos, background music, podcasts, and more. In addition to music, you can get royalty-free videos and images.


All the music is available under the Pixabay license, making the tracks safe. And you also don’t need any permission from the artist as well.


Soundstripe gives you access to more than 70000 SFX and over 8000 label-quality songs. You can use these royalty-free music tracks on broadcast, YouTube, or more.


Soundstripe, along with its royalty-free music, also offers 100 free Tropic Colour editing assets.

It also consists of music tracks from Grammy-winning artists. The categories of music that you can explore here include classical, electronic, upbeat, soundscapes, acoustics, Indie Rock, and more.


Pond5 presents one of the largest stock music libraries that gives you access to millions of royalty-free music tracks. All the tracks are safe for YouTube and don’t hinder the monetization of your content.


Here you can explore royalty-free tracks starting just from $5. The tracks you can have include action, acoustic, ambient, calm, dark, sad, hip-hop, etc.

Epidemic Sound

Looking for royalty-free music for your videos, podcasts, or streams? Epidemic Sound has an unlimited library of sound effects and music tracks that are copyright safe.


The licenses that its music tracks come with all the necessary rights. You can have personal and commercial subscriptions with Epidemic Sound and enjoy a 30-day free trial. You can use its royalty-free music to create content for YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, or more.


Taketones offers claim-free music or soundtracks that you can use on any platform. The genres you can explore here include corporate, cinematic, folk, rock, ambient, kids, funk, pop, and more.


The best thing about Taketones is that its music tracks require minimal editing. This is because they mostly come in 60, 30, or 15-second versions, which makes them easy to use.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive offers royalty-free music which is completely copyright safe. You can use the music from FMA on various platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or any podcast.


This platform gives you instant access to original music from independent artists. All the music is free to play, share, and even download.


Explore a vast collection of royalty-free music with SoundCloud. Its no-copyright tracks are ideal for bands, music producers, and independent video creators.


You can use the tracks on any platform, like Twitch, YouTube, etc., and monetize your content without issues.

Motion Array

Explore Motion Array’s royalty-free music online and enhance the quality of your videos without any copyright claim issues.


You can subscribe to their monthly or annual packages and enjoy unlimited access to their music library.


So, if you are struggling to find music tracks for your videos that don’t cause copyright infringement, try these websites. Their vast music library can help you offer the best quality content to your audience without any violations.

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