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Are you a hat novice? (Picture: Getty /Asos /Urban Outfitters)

Hats can be worn all year round, but there’s something very cosy and chic about wearing a hat during the colder months.

Whether it’s a beret, a beanie, a fluffy bucket hat, or a baker boy style, there are so many different ones to choose from. 

But the world of hats can feel like a scary place if you’re not used to styling or wearing them.

So, it begs the golden question: how do you become a ‘hat person’? 

Fear not, stylists have shared how to become such an individual. 

Also, it’s worth pointing out that autumn is the perfect time to start experimenting with hats, as they offer an added layer of warmth.

So by the time spring rolls around, you can swap your berets and beanies for bucket hats and wide-brim sun varieties.

Not to mention the benefits of wearing hats, as they’ll not only keep you warm during the chillier months, but they offer face and scalp protection from the sun throughout the year.

Here’s everything to know about how to become a hat person…

Start small and generic

woman wearing a beanie hat

Start simple – like a black beanie (Picture: Getty Images)

Sustainable stylist Alice Nichol suggests starting small – especially if you’re unsure.

‘Wearing a hat is a statement and if you are already feeling self conscious, a hat will only make you feel more so,’ she explains.

So why not opt for a neutral colour that will go with lots of outfits and a classic and unassuming style, such as a beanie.

Ease yourself in

Usually, the more you wear something, the more confident you’ll feel in it.

So Alice says to start small with your hat outings.

She explains: ‘Start wearing it to do the supermarket shopping, doing an errand, or even do your cleaning in the hat. Obviously practicality comes into play here, but the point is to become comfortable wearing it.’

Take time to get comfortable 

‘To pull off wearing a hat you need to look confident in it, with minimal fidgeting – otherwise people will wonder why you are wearing it, or you will end up taking it off and it will stay on your hat stand gathering dust,’ Alice adds.

If you’re not feeling it on certain days then ditch it.

It could also be an idea to try to incoporate a hat into outfits that you’re already confident wearing – to give you that extra boost.

Experiment with different styles

Woman wearing beret by New Town Hall in Munich, Germany

Try out a few different ones, to see which you like the best (Picture: Getty Images/Tetra images RF)

Megan Watkins, SilkFred’s head stylist, says it’s important to wear the hat, and not let the hat wear you.

‘Becoming a hat person is all about confidence,’ explains Megan. ‘You may have always thought of yourself as a non-hat person, but it’s very possible you just haven’t found a style that suits you.

‘It’s important to shop around and try different styles. Once you have found a hat that suits you, try building an outfit around the hat. Hats are a statement accessory and deserve the spotlight.’

Think about face shape

In terms of which hat to wear, this depends on your face shape, says Alice. 

She explains there are, typically, eight different face shapes and certain hats may suit some more than others – just like haircuts and fringes.  

Alice adds: ‘Look at your face: how are your features proportioned like your jaw, cheekbones and forehead?

‘If it’s quite well-balanced from top to bottom then you maybe an oval or even a diamond. If so, pretty much any hat shape will suit you. I would start with a medium-brimmed fedora-style hat, or a trilby, and build up from there. 

‘If you have a square, quite prominent jaw then look for wider brimmed hats to balance. Don’t pull your hat down too low either as that will draw attention to your jawline.

‘Longer faces – like oblong, rectangle or square – suit wider brims, but with a feminine touch to softer your shape, more relaxed floppy style hats are perfect for you.

‘If you have a wider forehead and cheekbones like a heart shape then, again, balance. Avoid wider brims as they will add width to the top part of your head. Baker boy style hats or berets are great as they lengthen your head, too.’

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