balenciaga lay's bag

Who’d have thought

Remember Balenciaga’s viral ‘trash’ bag going for over a grand? Now there’s new fashion creation to lose our minds over.

The latest unusual design is made to look like a bag of Lay’s crisps – you know, the version of Walkers you get in European countries when on holiday.

Seen recently on their fall 2023 catwalk, models were clutching the large crisp-style bags while strutting down the walkway.

Fashion commentator Diet Prada posted on their Instagram account: ‘How do you follow up a viral fashion accessory like @balenciaga’s trash bag bag? How about another that looks like actual trash?

Lay's-Branded Bag

The bag no one asked for (Picture: demnagram/Instagram)

Balenciaga Lay's-Branded Bag

They’re made of leather (Picture: demnagram/Instagram)

Clutched in models’ hands as they stomped through the muddy catwalk of the brand’s recent Fall 2023 fashion show, the bags were easy to miss, but their existence was confirmed by a dedicated post on @demnagram, a support account turned official news source for all things Balenciaga (founder Saba Bakhia was hired by the brand this year).

LAY'S bag on the runway

Fresh off the runway (Picture: Lay’s/Twitter)

The retail price isn’t confirmed yet, but Diet Prada says the leather bag is rumoured to be around $1,800.

An actual large bag of Lay’s is more like a few quid.

The design appears to be an official collaboration with the crisp brand, as they too have posted catwalk pictures with the bag.

Someone commented under the post: ‘Nice to know there is fashion for having eaten a half-bag of chips. I’ve been doing it all wrong with the pajama look.’

Another wrote: ‘I’m tired of all the ugly “fashion” stuff’, while someone added: ‘Balenciaga is just a social experiment on consumerism at this point.’

A commenter also said they’d seen similar looking bags on AliExpress for years, a retail site known for its low prices.

What led to the design, who knows, but Diet Prada suspects it might have something to do with Balenciaga’s creative director Demna Gvasalia, who was spotted carrying an actual bag of Lay’s earlier this summer on multiple occasions.

It’s certainly a look.

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