Working on a slow computer is frustrating; your programs keep on crashing, the screen freezing, and whatnot. Waiting endlessly for the cursor to stop spinning becomes a constant affair.

Do you recall the speed of your computer when you first bought it home?

It used to perform all the tasks in a flash, saving time and letting you relish your work. But with time, its performance and speed started becoming slow as a snail.

So, what’s the real reason why Windows desktop or laptop becomes slow after a while?

Well, a plethora of reasons are responsible for the deterioration of your computer’s health, affecting its overall performance. The biggest one of them is excessive usage. Many people around the globe use their computers every single day, which makes the system cluttered with programs, files, registry keys, music, videos, and many more.

Your computer’s operating system manages all the resources, including memory, processing power, and drive space. So, several things contribute to slowing down its performance and speed, such as:

  • Filling up of disk space (SSD or HDD)
  • Running out of Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • A large number of startup and background programs
  • Fragmented or old hard drive
  • Lack of updates on driver or Windows
  • Virus or malware
  • Using visual features and special effects
  • Using so many add-ons on the browser
  • Possibility of crypto-mining

Hence, your computer slows down significantly enough to drive you crazy. Now, you may be compelled to think about purchasing a new PC.

But wait, are you making the decision so early?

Consider using optimizer software before you treat your computer as a lost cause.

What is a PC Optimizer?

As the name suggests, the optimizer is an application you can use to improve the performance of your computer by optimizing its various aspects. The software includes standard features such as disk cleaner, auto-optimizer, disk defragmenter, register cleaner, etc., that work collectively on your computer to identify unnecessary stuff and eliminate them.

The software’s automatic feature eases the process and saves time while preventing any fatal errors that may occur, like Blue Screen of Death, as in the case of manual optimization.

How does a PC optimizer work?

A PC optimizer takes the performance of your PC a notch up without putting it at risk. It helps to keep your computer clean and secured by performing a number of activities:

  • Deletes unnecessary files and programs
  • Cleans the PC registry
  • Removes malware, bugs, and viruses
  • Fixes system errors
  • Detects hardware parts for replacement
  • Controls startup programs

Let’s explore some of the importance of optimizer software.


Investing huge bucks on a new computer is indeed a pricy deal. Even if you think about upgrading its parts, it is going to cost you a lot as processors, hard drives, and graphic cards are expensive.

PC optimizers, on the other hand, are affordable. Hence, it’s better to avail of the software at a relatively much lower price.

Easy to set up

For setting up PC optimization software, you just need to download it, install it, and run the program. Everything is possible in just a few minutes.

Faster in solving issues

From detecting issues in the hardware or software of your computer to solving them, the overall process is fast. It keeps on working to maintain the system performance at peak level.

Built-in Support

Many PC optimizers come with in-built support to help you when you run into troubles while optimizing your system. You can also take their help to understand the exact reason why the speed is slow. Just call them and ask your questions to seek their dedicated help.

Now, let’s check out some of the best PC optimizers to help you get that blazing-fast user experience all over again.

Avast Cleanup

Avast is a famous name in the system security arena. The Avast Cleanup is yet another impressive product of this brand to fine-tune, clean, and speed up your computer. It also updates your applications other than fixing system issues.

The patented technology of Avast Cleanup can fix all that is slowing down your system by removing forgotten programs and bloatware and putting your apps to sleep mode. It identifies performance drains to stop them without requiring you to interfere with the system or uninstall the apps.

Unneeded program detection and cloud-based reputation systems can figure out the apps or programs that you don’t use. If you don’t want to uninstall them, the tool can put those programs in quarantine to let you decide later.

By scanning your computer from tip to toe, Avast Cleanup can remove gigabytes of junk files accumulated from Windows, 200+ apps, and 25+ browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. its Disk cleaner deep scans the app’s leftovers such as cache, installer files, old backups, and temporary files.

Through automatic maintenance, the tool can remove junk files regularly while eliminating broken shortcuts and registry. Using the Software Updater, it can regularly update your apps and programs to save you from crashes, bugs, and security vulnerabilities. The Avast Cleanup also tunes your action center and dashboard to render fast performance.

System Speedup Pro

With 40 premium tools for optimization, System Speedup Pro by Avira cleans clutter and junk off your computer automatically to maximize its performance. It offers a pretty straightforward layout and interfaces to easily use it without confusion and clearly shows the results.

The software identifies issues and vulnerabilities such as system cache, internet junk, temp files, unwanted data, etc., holding you back. You can remove them all with just a click. It also enables you to set automatic cleaning every week.

It defragments and tunes your disk to boost performance while its Startup Optimizer shortens boot-up time significantly. Also, its Realtime Optimizer can improve the user experience as well. Cleaning up of digital traces to secure your privacy is possible with this software. So, it results in faster page loading, video streaming, and more to improve the online experience.

System Speedup Pro can clean up all the registry issues from your computer by analyzing them deeply. Thus, it saves your computer from crashes, screen freezing, and many more such issues. This tool offers complete automatic cleaning where you can set your preferred target, for instance, 5 GB of unwanted files. So, when this limit is attained, the software cleans it automatically. You can also customize alerts for your convenience.

Save energy through the power modes, secure personal data with disk wiper, erase sensitive information permanently, and encrypt data with ease, all with System Speedup Pro. If you are a game lover, the software can provide a smooth gaming experience by freeing up resources and disabling redundant processes.

Advanced SystemCare

Want your computer to perform the way it did when new?

Advanced SystemCare Pro by IObit can help you leverage your true potential. It supports Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and is quite affordable and easy to use.

Experience 300% faster browsing speed by optimizing your browser settings. The tool also offers deeper cleaning of your computer registry and frees up space. Keeping in mind the escalating number of cybercrimes these days, the software uses advanced security and privacy technologies to safeguard your data.

The software clears online traces, conceals digital fingerprints, blocks secret access, and more to protect your privacy and reputation. It also offers 200% faster PC startup, blocks malicious activities, detects and blocks potential security holes proactively.

Some of the features it offers are:

  • Hard drive defragmentation
  • Auto RAM cleaning to end unused processes and programs
  • Scheduled auto care
  • Real-time system condition monitoring
  • 1-click program update
  • FaceID to automatically capture intruders

Computer Tune-Up

Diagnose your computer’s performance using Computer Tune-Up by Bitdefender to ensure its good health. It can thoroughly scan your computer to check the areas requiring improvements to remove unwanted and outdated apps along with leftovers and temporary files.


After assessing the issues, the tool fixes them intelligently to retain its performance. By applying personalized tweaks, it can optimize your computer. In addition to fixing Windows startup problems and driver errors, it can also update them. It also checks the integrity of Windows to prevent them from malfunctioning.

You can use Computer Tune-Up on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 to enjoy the uninterrupted functionality of your computer. If you feel any difficulty in using the software, you can call their dedicated support engineers to assist you 24/7.

System Mechanic

Take the professional help of System Mechanic Pro by Iolo with patented technology tailored to achieve maximum performance, speed, stability, and power.

The tool offers two types of scanning modes – Deep Scan and Quick Scan. Run a deep scan to analyze critical issues in your system and fix them while quickly scan registry issues, junk files, security vulnerabilities, startup delays, etc.

An enhanced system shield is a VB100 certified antivirus to eliminate potential threats by detecting malware signatures and monitoring behaviors. Similarly, Enhanced DriveScrubber protects the privacy of your sensitive data by deleting it permanently, and Enhanced Search & Recover is employed to retrieve any lost data that you may have deleted accidentally from your computer.

System Mechanic Pro can identify 30,000+ different issues and fixes them using Iolo Labs’ smart live updates to keeps your system error-free and stable. In addition, it automatically boosts the speed of RAM, hard drive, internet, and CPU on launching applications. As a result, you can enjoy faster downloads, less buffering, quicker page loading, smoother gaming, and high-quality video streaming.


Are you tired of waiting endlessly while streaming videos or booting your PC?

Lighten your computer’s load by using CleanMyPC by MacPaw. This PC essential works effectively by scanning it for junk files and other issues to enhance its performance and keeps your data secure. To optimize the speed, this tool cleans registry files on your computer.

CleanMyPC’s Multi Uninstaller lets you remove unwanted apps all at a time and even eliminates their leftovers, which a lot of software overlooks. It also displays all the autorun items together in one list; so, all it takes is just one click to disable them. This way, your Windows startup would not slow down.

It clearly shows add-ons and extensions used in your PC to help you find the ones that you no longer require. Hence, you can cut down unnecessary loads from your system by deleting them to saves your time. Due to the Hibernation feature, gigabytes accumulate on the disk, and this software can clean them like a pro!

To take care of your privacy, this software scans your browser for collecting the entire online activity in one place. Hence, you don’t have to go manually to the settings and keep on deleting cookies and other data; just a click would suffice. Similarly, for security, CleanMyPC deletes your files and other data permanently, which becomes impossible for anyone to recover them.


Now comes the famous one that you might have heard about!

Improve and maintain the health of your computer by optimizing it with CCleaner. It offers a new feature – PC Health Check that analyzes your computer and then recommends quick solutions. Furthermore, it updates and tunes your computer automatically for faster performance and added security.

Don’t let your old and obsolete apps become a security risk, as cybercriminals are watching like a hawk for opportunities. Use CCleaner to automatically update your apps and close any possible security loopholes. The tool is super easy to use and facilitates 1-click cleaning to optimize your computer in a split of seconds.

To track your behavior, websites and advertisers leave cookies on your computer that contribute to slowing down your system. With CCleaner, you can remove all those cookies along with search history to free up space and protect your privacy. It also prevents crashes by cleaning the registry and cluttered errors. You can quickly disable extra programs and enjoy swift startup.

Glary Utilities Pro

Leverage Glary Utilities Pro to get the complete package of automated system care, privacy protection, and registry clean-up solution. It offers more than 20 system utilities that can improve the performance of your computer. To detect system issues, it scans your computer thoroughly and fixes the issues 800% faster.

Whether you use a new system or an old one, Glary Utilities Pro can clean and optimize it as it is compatible with different Windows versions. It saves your PC from freezes, crashes, and errors and boosts performance by using advanced technologies. It features 1-click functionality along with a simple and automated user interface for convenience.

Stop worrying about the safety and privacy of your data because this tool has got these sensitive aspects covered by using industry-standard security measures to keep malicious activities at bay. It offers a spyware monitor for keeping your data privacy intact.

Clean Master for PC

Get professional help from Clean Master for PC to utilize powerful cleaning of your system while obtaining superior privacy protection. Compatible with Windows 10/9/7/XP, this tool employs sophisticated technologies to scan over 1000 programs. Clean residual junk files and free up space with one click.

Its robust privacy measures can remove six different types of system privacy risks. It can also block intruders from sneaking into your sensitive data or deploying malware. The tool can intelligently delete unsafe browsing records with its anti-attacking attribute.

Bid goodbye to frequent cursor spinning and system lags and experience an optimized system. The software stops unwanted programs and accelerates boot time to deliver an uninterrupted experience. Born to resolve PC driver problems, the Driver Booster can scan and fix more than 5 million drivers and devices.

The automatic browser cleaning wipes out your privacy traces after you close the browser to mitigate you from getting tracked.


Improve the performance of your Windows and clean the hard drive using Advanced System Optimizer by Systweak. This powerful software removes obsolete files and junk from your computer to boost its speed for faster load time and response. It is compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista for both 64 and 32 bit.

For better read speed and data allocation, it defragments hard drives and optimizes the disk. It regularly checks your storage disk while starting up in order to prevent unexpected slowdowns and crashes. The software also displays all the stored data occupying the disk space.

Advanced System Optimizer detects malicious files such as spyware, malware, Trojans, etc., and removes them before your system gets affected. It also protects your privacy by deleting cookies and browser history. It offers advanced technology for the secure deletion of your files permanently. You can also encrypt your important files using a password to control access.

Enjoy uninterrupted gaming with its game optimizer, free-up RAM to boost performance, download and install driver updates, and more. Back up important data, including audio and video files, documents, photographs, etc., and recover lost data even if it was formatted or deleted.


Like other machines, your computer is meant to ease your life. If you want to derive decent performance from it, invest in its regular maintenance. Wipe out all those bugs, errors, and unwanted programs cluttering the PC storage with the above-mentioned Windows optimizer tools to continue experiencing faster and superior performance once again!

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