Animations are an easy way to explain something or get your point across.

Everyone loves characters and animations that lure a story. Animation videos are a popular tool for connecting with people from different backgrounds and ages.

This article focuses on the importance of video marketing and how animated explainer videos can turn out to be an excellent medium for selling your products online.

With that said, let’s explore the significance of videos for businesses.

Why Videos are Important for Businesses?

Videos are easy to understand, so businesses focus more on video marketing than other forms of content.

Why Videos are Important for Businesses

Think about how many videos you watch daily on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram. There are times when you watch some videos in your free time or when you search for something online.

Here are some of the benefits of using video marketing:

  1. Google promotes videos, and people engage with videos more as compared to text.
  2. Video popularity increases a business’s reach because they are easy to share.
  3. They add value to the content on the website.
  4. Videos are easy to track and report.
  5. Videos become viral and deliver messages instantly rather than reading long text paragraphs.

By creating animation or an explainer video, your business can convey a lot of information quickly and effectively, greatly enhancing your marketing efforts.

What is an Explainer Video?

Video marketing encompasses a wide range of videos on the internet. These include storytelling, animation, explainer, product demos, and entertainment videos.

Some of these videos, however, are harder to make than others. But that’s not the case with explainer videos.

YouTube video

Explainer videos are short animated videos that help small business owners engage with the audience and give them a better sense of understanding.

As such, people often think that creating animated explainer videos demand a high level of animation skills and incur a high cost.

However, the fun fact is creating explainer videos is much easier than you think. The only requirement that you need is a creative mind and the correct video editing software.

Before we proceed further, let’s understand the challenges you might face while creating animated videos without proper animation software.

Challenges in Making Animated Videos

Challenges in Making Animated Videos

Creating videos requires a creative approach and a lot of patience. Although the process becomes easier if you have a script ready, there are always chances of facing runtime issues.

Here are some of the common challenges you face when creating explainer videos.

  • Asset collection: Without proper assets in place, it’s unlikely that you’ll create an engaging explainer video. You need objects, props, and characters that complement each other and bring the most out of your video.
  • Template: Creating video templates from scratch is time-consuming and needs a creative approach. Even if you have a script ready in your mind, it takes time to create a template from scratch for every scene of your explainer video.
  • Audio: Finding a complementary background and character audio is aching. You have to experiment with different human voices that match the voice tone of your video character.
  • Time-consuming: Creating animation becomes time-consuming if you don’t have all the assets, templates, and audio in a single platform that offers easy synchronizing and timeline area.

How Vyond Makes it Easy to Create Explainer Videos and Animations?

How Vyond Makes it Easy to Create Explainer Videos

Vyond is an easy yet powerful video maker that helps you create engaging and dynamic animation videos in just a matter of minutes. The video platform is easy to use, and the interface is friendly, with all the features available in a single dashboard.

Whether you’re looking to create an explainer or product demo video, Vyond offers you all the features and assets inside a single timeline.

Some of Vyond’s powerful features include:

  • Library of readymade templates
  • A pool of props, objects, and characters
  • Video editing tools
  • Audio tools
  • Export videos in different supported formats

Let’s explore some of Vyond’s features in detail that help you create engaging explainer videos in just a few clicks.

Vyond’s Features

Vyond's Features

Some important features set Vyond at a high position on our best explainer video software list.

Drag and Drop Interface

With Vyond, you can drag and drop elements such as props and characters on the timeline to create engaging videos. It offers built-in features like lip-syncing characters, creating movements for your character, and deleting unwanted elements from the video.

Moreover, Vyond gives you access to a library of royalty-free music that you can add to your explainer videos. You can add music and create custom characters to match your explainer video requirements.

Readymade Video Templates

Vyond offers hundreds of beautifully designed pre-built templates to kickstart your video production. These templates cater to different industries and are designed to match a variety of use cases.

Even if you don’t find a perfect template matching your requirements, you can easily customize it with your characters, colors, props, sound effects, and text.

Additionally, you can add your voice and music to make your story come alive. This will result in an engaging video that connects with your audience and conveys your message effectively.

Natural Text to Speech Sound

Are you bored with the robotic translations used in the explainer videos? No more boring stuff. Vyond has added a new feature that allows you to add actual human sounds to convert text into natural speech.

You need to enter your text and select from the different languages and voice options provided. There’s also an option to auto-detect the language, which saves you time.

Thanks to Vyond’s feature, you can strip out loud background disturbance and let your voice shine throughout the video.

Media Library Panel

Vyond’s media library panel gives you access to hundreds of readymade props, backgrounds, objects, and characters, so you don’t waste time hunting for them. These include assets from previous videos like charts, logos, uploaded photos, and videos.

You can drag and drop the elements directly into your video timeline feed or replace them with simple copy/paste functions. The media library also allows you to use assets shared by your teammates. There’s also a search bar that you can use to search for any missing elements.

Vyond’s Video Creation Process

Creating videos on Vyond is easy, and you don’t need to possess any technical skills to use Vyond.

You get readymade templates that can be easily customized and bring out your creativity skills in the video in just 5 minutes.

With that said, let’s get started.

First, you must log in to your Vyond account and click on the “Make a Video” button at the top.

Vyond's Video Creation Process

Next, select Vyond Studio as your video style.


Now, you can find a readymade template that suits your script and add your main character, props, and audio to the video timeline.

For adding audio, you can either create audio narration by typing text or record your voice.

You can select an audio file from the sound library and use it as background music in your explainer video.


Set the character movements to add motions to your video and add more such templates to create a video plot.

Once you’re done creating all the scenes for your explainer video, you can easily preview and save the changes after making edits to your video.


That’s it.

Now you can proceed further and download videos by clicking the Download button. You get different options to select the format and resolution of your video.

You can embed the downloaded video on your landing pages and website tutorials and even use it for running paid campaigns. Don’t forget to share your videos on social media to get traction for your business.

Vyond’s Pricing

Vyond is available in four pricing plans, and you can choose the one that suits your requirements. Since Vyond offers heavy discounts on the annual billing cycle, we’ll list their yearly pricing plans.


Essential Plan

If you’re starting with video marketing on a tight budget, we recommend going with Vyond’s Essential plan, priced at just $25/month for a single business owner.

Premium Plan

Their premium plan is the most widely adopted plan built for small business owners’ needs. The premium plan is priced at $54/month and includes high-quality video exports and live chat support.

Professional Plan

If you’re a professional video marketing agency, then you can check out Vyond’s Professional plan. It is suited for medium to large-sized businesses with all the features and high-priority customer service.

Enterprise Plan

Enterprise plans offer advanced information security features, initial training, a Vyond Professional, and a dedicated Vyond account manager.

You’ll need to contact Vyond’s sales team to purchase Enterprise plans.

Vyond Alternatives

Although we’re sure about Vyond’s capabilities and features, here are some other explainer video Saas tools that you can consider.

Here is the list of our top three Vyond alternatives.

Adobe Animate

Adobe animate

Adobe Animate is the industry’s first vector-based authoring tool for web animation. It combines the power of Photoshop with a timeline and other features to deliver a full suite of tools for creating expressive animations with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

The software allows you to create graphics and animation videos for web series, product descriptions, website applications, game characters, commercial multimedia, and many more.

You can easily download and share videos on social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, and others from the platform itself.



Powtoon is designed to be easy to use the platform and offers a wide range of resources such as videos, audio files, and many images to help you get started. Powtoon’s wide range of templates makes creating engaging and informative explainer videos and presentations easy.

What sets Powtoon apart is that you can instantly edit the templates to suit your needs, and there is also a wide variety of styles to choose from.

If you are interested in using every feature that Powtoon offers, you can sign up for a subscription-based plan. However, you can use the free version if you want to explore the platform and see what it can do.


animaker-live action and animation maker

Animaker is another popular drag-and-drop explainer video maker tool that is easy to work with. It offers readymade video templates that are better than other platforms, and its tutorials make it easy to create any style of video you wish.

With Animaker, you have the settings to add appropriate transitions between two different scenes with the help of available animated transitions.


We understand the thought of creating a video can be daunting for many small business owners, but the truth is, investing in videos for your company is worth the effort.

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about explainer videos and how Vyond can help you create engaging animated videos.

If you are interested in learning more about creating animated videos, check out our list of the best animation software for your business.