There can be many instances when you’d want to download or save your text messages somewhere.

One such instance can be when you’re running low on your device storage and have to delete most of the stuff, including text messages, to free up some space. Instead of deleting them directly, you can save them somewhere first and then delete them.

Another instance can be when your friend sends a hilarious text message, and you never wish to lose it, so you decide to save it on your email or notes.

Similar to the above two examples, there are numerous other reasons why you’d want to know how to download text messages from an iPhone, such as migrating to a new phone.

This article will explain how to do that using the easiest and most convenient methods.

Using the Copy and Paste feature on iPhone

Super straightforward, and it cannot get easier than this. To save text messages from your iPhone, you need to copy the specific messages and paste them on either email, the Notes app, or wherever you wish to store them. Here are the steps for it:

Step 1: Go to the Messages app and locate the conversation.


Step 2: On the conversation, tap and hold on to the message you wish to save, which should give you these options.


Step 3: If you want to save just one specific message, then you can tap on “Copy“, but if you want to save multiple messages, then tap on “More…“. This will allow you to select multiple text messages.

Step 4: When you’ve selected the specific messages, tap on this icon.


Step 5: Once you’re on this screen, you can forward it to other recipients or copy all of the messages from the text box.


Now, you can paste it anywhere you like.

Using the Share feature on iPhone

This method is almost very identical to the above method. The only difference is that, once you’re on the text editor screen, instead of tapping on “Copy”, you need to tap on the “right arrow“.


After that, you should see an option to “Share“. Tap on that.


You’ll see various ways to share it.


It lets you share it via AirDrop, email, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms, as well as many more options.

You can also directly save it to Pinterest, save to files and even add it as a quick note. Tap on the one you wish to continue with, and you’re done.

Using third-party solutions

There is a bunch of third-party software that allows you to download and backup your text messages wherever you like with one click. You can backup entire conversations without having to do anything manually. Here are a few of them:



An easy-to-use tool, iTransor takes care of data backup and restore of your iPhone and does it seamlessly. You can try it out for absolutely no cost at all.

Read the full review of iTransor.

Tenorshare iCareFone


You can backup, transfer, and restore data without any limitations using Tenorshare iCareFone. It’s a free-to-use tool with robust features, including file conversions before backup/restore. It takes merely a few minutes to complete the process.



Wondershare has a collection of some of the most useful tools, and Dr.Fone is one example of that. This solution lets you backup and restores your iPhone data, including messages. You don’t have to worry about any data loss during the process, and it’s also super safe. ?


The above methods will help you easily download, save, or backup text messages from your iPhone.

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