You can easily get honeycombs in Minecraft by spotting a beehive. Let’s help you do it step-by-step.

Sourcing honeycomb isn’t tough. What makes it tricky is finding a beehive. Depending on the biomes, you have different chances of finding one.

The best possible place is the flower forests. And the exact thing you’re looking for is this:

beehive in minecraft

This is a level-5 beehive dripping with honey.

While it looks simple, you should follow a specific process to get honeycomb and avoid getting stung by one of the bees. Because a honey bee dies after stinging you, and that’s not in your best interest if you want more honeycombs or honey.

Get Honeycomb in Minecraft


First, you’ll need a shear and a campfire.

As a reminder, shears need two iron ingots which can be made from raw iron and coal in a furnace.

Similarly, you can craft a campfire with three sticks, three wood pieces, and one coal or charcoal.

Next, you need to wait for the beehive to drip honey. Once you see that, place the campfire under the hive to smoke it, and use your shear to get honeycombs. One of the residing bees will sting you if you proceed without the campfire.

getting honeycomb in minecraft

Finally, don’t forget to mine the campfire for the bees to start harvesting again. This will give back pieces of coal. Alternatively, you can have it back ‘as-is’ if you have a silk enchanted tool.

Yet another option is to put off the fire with a stone shovel and use flint and steel to lit it again. This will save you from crafting a campfire for each batch of honeycombs you collect.

Getting honeycombs this way is good for starters, but given the scarcity of beehives, the output will be restricted unless you’re…

Creating a Bee Nest

You can craft bee nests to have more honeycombs.


Next, you can install them anywhere, leaving enough space to host a campfire below.

Subsequently, you need to get two bees into breeding mode by feeding them any flower. You can do this by right click while pointing at them.

Within seconds you’ll see a baby bee flying around. Afterward, the parents will enter a cooldown period before you can trick them into breeding again, and the baby will take some time to mature.

Planting flowers nearby will surely help bees to collect pollen and enter their brand new nest.


Getting honeycombs is easy if you can find a beehive. And you’ll surely find one if you’re in the meadows.

Subsequently, put a campfire below a dripping beehive and use shears to extract honeycombs.

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