Taming a fox in Minecraft is only as difficult as finding one. Yet there are fine details (we’ll tell you) that’ll help achieve this in one go.

Foxes are loyal companions in Minecraft. Once tamed, they attack any mob that attacks you.

However, they don’t follow you around; instead, a tamed fox will not flee from you. Yet, you can use a lead or sweet berries to keep them close or take them to your place.

They are also one of the few Minecraft animals that can actually sleep. Being nocturnal, they sleep throughout the day and stay active during dark hours.

But once you gain their trust, they even wake up to protect you from the spawning dangers.

Overall, it’s worth taming them to make Minecraft extra fun and safe.

Let’s begin.

Taming a Fox in Minecraft

This process consists of three steps:

  • Traping two foxes
  • Breeding baby fox
  • Taming and leading the baby

Traping Two Foxes

Find a biome with tall spruce trees. Most likely, it will be taiga, snowy taiga, etc.

taiga biome to find fox in minecraft

Honestly, it took me close to half an hour of flying to spot a fox which quickly ran away. After a few more minutes, I found two this time and sneaked upon them.

So the moment you see anything orange moving, press and hold shift to crouch and proceed closer.

Your best bet would be daytime when foxes would be snoozing and easy to entrap.

trap-fox in minecarft for taming

Next, build a boundary wall at least two blocks high around them in the crouch position. If you stand, they will run away, and you’ll be back to square one.

Besides, you may find two foxes at a distance to trap them together at once. In such a case, trap them at their respective locations and join with a (two-block high) path. Then break the barriers and try to get them to breed.

Breeding Baby Fox

Now we have two foxes. We need sweet or glow berries. Feed the berries to the fox couple to push them into love mode, and you’ll see a cute little fox shortly.

fox-breeding in minecraft giving birth to tamed fox

So you have your tamed fox for now, but still, there are things to do, or else your new friend will leave you for good.

Taming & Leading the Baby

Even a tamed baby will follow the adults until maturity. So wait a few minutes, and let its parents leave afterward.

leading the tamed fox

Subsequently, use a lead or sweet berries to take it wherever you want. Remember, the tamed fox won’t follow you otherwise, unlike tamed wolves.

It’s Trust!

Because of this, some players call it building trust rather than taming because the process makes the fox comfortable around but not follow you around like a pet.

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