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You could be damaging your bra (Picture: Getty)

Whether it’s the back to front method or the stretch behind, we all have our go-to techniques for putting on a bra.

But an expert has warned that some the most popular ways could, in fact, be damaging our lingerie.

Instead, there is a so-called ‘correct’ way to do it.

Kelly, who works for Janice Rose Lingerie, filmed a video demoing the ways people put a bra on, showing which is best.

Common mistakes include fastening the hooks before it’s on, stepping into it like a pair of trousers, putting it on like a T-shirt, and twisting it around back to front.

All of those are a solid ‘no’ from Kelly.


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She says the best way to put on a bra – to preserve its life – is to put on the straps, then hook it up at the back.

It’s more fiddly to those not used to it, but it avoids pulling and tugging on the bra.

However, the method is also a less inclusive way of putting a bra on, as those with mobility limitations or issues with hand-eye coordination can find it difficult – or even impossible.

Someone commented, mocking her tone: ‘Janice I am physically incapable of doing it the last way, so it’s a no no no from me’.

Another added: ‘The twist has never failed me’, a sentiment many others commented they do, too.

Another woman said of Janice’s suggestion: ‘No that’s the hardest way to put it on’.

Ultimately, it’s whatever works for you.

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