Paint can bags on colourful background

They come in different colours (Picture: Louis Vuitton)

Clearly Louis Vuitton saw what the folks at Balenciaga are up to (designer trash bags anyone?) and decided to give them a run for their money.

The fashion retailer has launched a kooky new bag inspired by a can of paint, aptly named the LV Paint Can bag.

It comes in green, blue, purple, orange, red, and yellow, with a metal handle and adjustable strap.

Just as other LV staples, these bags come with a designer price tag, setting customers back £1,980.

Don’t knock it just yet though. The collection comes as part of Virgil Abloh’s final LV offering, created before he died last year.

And Abloh, who is said to have completed 95% of the collection before his death, was inspired by bold prints and colours used by artists such as Gustave Courbet and Giorgio de Chirico.

The bags are described as Abloh’s ‘boyhood ideology’, paired with a note that says ‘dreams can come true’.


Would you rock these? (Picture: Louis Vuitton)

While the collection will now hold special significance as the late designer’s final LV items, people can’t look past the paint can resemblance of the bag.

On Instagram, one person wrote: ‘Always wanted my very own paint tin. All my hopes and dreams have come true.’

One person who said she normally loved Louis Vuitton couldn’t get on board with these bags.

She wrote: ‘I love LV but this is horrible!’

Over on Twitter, another wrote: ‘Since when is carrying a paint can considered fashion? This is as ridiculous as it can get, ’cause that’s like $2,800. Who wants this???’

Some people did appreciate Abloh’s vision though and shared enthusiasm for the bags.

One person wrote: ‘Oh my God, love these,’ while another added ‘love this level of ridiculousness’.

The good news? If you don’t have £2k spare, it’d be pretty easy to make your own knockoff. Just give an old paint can a scrub, punch in some holes, and attach a strap.

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