Standout accessories to get in on the ‘McBling’ aesthetic trend

The style was defined by the excesses of the pre-recession era (Picture: Credited below)

The theme of this year’s Met Gala was Gilded America, with guests asked to wear outfits representing the country’s Gilded Age of excess in the late 1800s.

But that’s not the only era to be defined by its overindulgence and extravagance.

‘McBling’ was first coined by Evan Collins of the Y2K Aesthetic Institute, defining a specific offshoot of the time’s style.

In a Twitter thread, Evan explained: ‘This term is sometimes used interchangeably with Y2K, though in terms of stylistic qualities they’re almost diametrically opposed.

‘McBling emerged in reaction against the prevailing design atmosphere of the 90s, which was typically restrained and minimalist.’

Towards the end of the century, this bend towards a pared-back look shifted, with the fashion landscape becoming more experimental and bold.

At a time of economic boom, people expressed their status through luxury brands and expensive jewellery. Celebrities gave us guided tours of their palatial homes (sometimes jokingly referred to as McMansions) on MTV Cribs. Paris and Nicole were our style heroes in their diamanté-encrusted tracksuits and teeny tiny handbags.

McBling has been described as the ‘hungover older sister’ of Y2K, with a sense of It Girl attitude in the form of lots sparkle and a melange of vivid prints.

And although its ‘more is more’ vibe made its way out of fashion after the 2008 recession, it’s now back with a bang.

With hindsight of the time period, we definitely wouldn’t advise you to make the same mistakes of the past, from excessive consumption to pieces veering on the side of tacky. However, accessories are the perfect way to get in on the trend without going overboard.

We’ve rounded up our favourite McBling-inspired buys, giving you a hint of the heiress lifestyle without the crazy price tag.

Fiorucci Chain Logo Belt

Fiorucci Chain Logo Belt

Go bold and choose pieces that stand out (Picture: Urban Outfitters)

Buy for £45 (was £75) at Urban Outfitters.

Topshop Diamante Knot Shoulder Bag

Topshop Diamante Knot Shoulder Bag

Pink to make the (imaginary) paparazzi wink (Picture: Asos)

Buy for £36 at Asos.

Ralph Lauren Sunglasses

Ralph Lauren Butterfly Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are a must – both for the aesthetic and ocular protection (Picture: John Lewis)

Buy for £188 at John Lewis.

Pink Diamante Tassel Trim Cowboy Hat

Pink Diamante Tassel Trim Cowboy Hat

If you think your outfit is ‘too much’, put on at least one more accessory (Picture: Boohoo)

Buy for £25 at Boohoo.

Fluffy Claw Clip

Fluffy Claw Clip

Play with texture and fabric to level up an everyday look (Picture: Accessorize)

Buy for £7 at Accessorize.

Beaded Body Chain

Beaded body chain

McBling is all about experimentation (Picture: H&M)

Buy for £24.99 at H&M.

My Accessories London Trucker Hat

My Accessories London trucker hat

A trucker cap adds an element of The Simple Life to any ensemble (Picture: Asos)

Buy for £10 at Asos.

Gold Diamante Chain Necklace

Gold Diamante Chain Necklace

You don’t need to spend loads to glitter like gold (Picture: River Island)

Buy for £20 at River Island.

Wistful Times Indie Bag

Wistful Times Indie Bag

Bandana print was a staple of the era (Picture: Bad Handwriting)

Buy for £18 at Bad Handwriting.

Lilia Ring Set

Lilia Ring Set Swarovski

It wouldn’t be McBling without a serious hit of bling (Picture: Swarovski)

Buy for £116 (was £145) at Swarovski.

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