Stylist reveals how to transform a shirt into a flattering bardot top

The blazer before it got B’s restyling treatment (Picture: @bjonesstyle/TikTok)

Due to climate change and the cost of living crisis, we’re all trying to buy and waste less.

When it comes to our clothing, this means making what you already have work harder, removing the temptation to shop and reducing each item’s cost-per-wear.

It also means ridding yourself of that ‘I have nothing to wear’ mindset when you stare at your wardrobe; you don’t need a brand new outfit to feel great, you just need a little creativity.

Fashion stylist Beth Jones recently shared a tip to repurpose the humble shirt – and it’s the perfect way to give a trusty staple a new lease of life without spending a penny.

In a TikTok, Beth shows her outfit for the day; a purple bandeau top and voluminous striped skirt.

‘I loved the idea of pairing this skirt with this little short-sleeved blazer,’ she says, trying on the pastel checked garment. ‘But this just didn’t feel interesting enough.’


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While the button-up matches the rest of her ensemble, the shape doesn’t balance out the skirt’s A line silhouette. So Beth decides to put the blazer on backwards instead.

Instantly she creates a brand new top, with an off-the-shoulder bardot neckline and a nipped-in waist, to go with the outfit.

Stylist reveals how to transform a shirt into a flattering bardot top

After the hack it’s a stylish off-the-shoulder top (Picture: @bjonesstyle/TikTok)

‘The collar creates a great little neckline,’ says the fashionista, before a mini tutorial on how to get the look if you’re by yourself.

Put the shirt or blazer you’re using around your waist (but don’t put your arms in) and do up the bottom two buttons. Next, twist the top around so the buttons are at the back and pull on the sleeves.

Stylist reveals how to transform a shirt into a flattering bardot top

The back is flirty and flattering (Picture: @bjonesstyle/TikTok)

After positioning around your shoulders you’re good to go, although B adds a belt to the waist for some extra intrigue.

The fastening at the back gives a crossover effect that looks intentional, so you don’t need to worry about people thinking you put your blouse on backwards.

Dare we say, it looks like something Carrie Bradshaw would wear – just without the Manhattan price tag of a new designer piece.

It’s a tip that works for shirts and blazers alike, giving those well-worn but long-forgotten staples a chance to shine once again.

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