Most Google Sheets users don’t even know that add-ons exist. They’re pretty helpful and boost the performance of your sheets!

Google Sheets add-ons are extensions that provide more functionality to your Google Sheets.

As you know, Google Sheets is one of the best online spreadsheet applications. It has progressed beyond creating simple tables and basic functions.

Google Sheets enables users to organize, edit and analyze various data. It supports collaboration, allowing multiple users to edit and format files in real time, and provides a revision history to trace any modifications made to the spreadsheet.

Google Sheets add-ons will help you automate your data analysis, report generation, and other useful functions. You’ll be able to find add-ons tailored to your specific requirements.

This guide will go over our top picks for the best Google Sheets add-ons to help you take your data collection and analysis to the next level.

We’ll also go over some essential details about these third-party apps that you should be aware of before selecting one.

So, let’s learn how to install add-ons and implement them in your Google Sheets.

How to Install Google Sheets Add-Ons?

You can add more features to your spreadsheet with Google Sheets add-ons.

Here are the steps to install add-ons to your Google Sheets.

First, open any Google Sheet file you want. It could be a new one or one you’ve already worked on.

Install addon

To see the whole list, click “Extensions” in the navigation bar, then “Add-ons,” and then “Get add-ons.”

google sheet addons

Once you find something you want to try, click on it to learn more about it or click the “Install” button to start installing.

google sheet addon install

Allow the add-on to connect to your Google account, and that’s it!

Let’s see some of the best Google Sheets add-ons and how they differ depending on the features they provide. is integrated with Google Sheets, allowing you to auto-import data from your selected software into a worksheet. It synchronizes your in-app data with Google Sheets, delivering fresh data into a working document on a timetable, all without requiring any coding skills.

Google sheets coupler

Steps in importing data into Google Sheets from

  • Pick an app to export data from
  • Connect with your data source account
  • Apply the required parameters
  • Connect with your data destination account
  • Specify a Google sheet to import
  • Customize a schedule for the data import to run

Features of

  • Automate integration workflows
  • Connect even more apps that support JSON API
  • Analyzes project outcomes using data from various sources
  • Quickly collects and backs up all of your data in a single location
  • Generate custom reports and charts


Did you know you could create a mobile app using Google Sheet data? Yes, you can do so with AppSheet. This smart, no-code app development platform lets users connect their data via Google Sheets and implement a fully functional mobile app in minutes.

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AppSheet allows you to personalize your app to match your brand. It’s the ideal solution for distributing an internal app to team members or employees.

Features of AppSheet

  • Capture images
  • Log locations
  • Scan barcodes
  • Generate reports
  • Send emails
  • Build dashboards
  • Accept signatures
  • Work offline
  • Integrate platforms

Furthermore, AppSheet-built mobile apps work offline and transfer data to the cloud when connected to the internet again.


Using Google Sheets data, Retool makes it simple to create dashboards, admin panels, and utilities. It takes a few minutes to connect Retool to Google Sheets. Also, it enables you to create user interfaces on top of your spreadsheet data quickly.

You can import data from your Google sheet and make API requests for each row separately. Alternatively, you might populate a blank template model with data from your database using Google Sheets.

Finally, you may use Retool to query any Google Sheet, clone individual sheets, and add rows to existing ones.

Features of Retool

  • Create applications in Google Sheets in a matter of minutes
  • Join all of your data sources together
  • With 50+ professional React components, you can create CRUD apps on Google Sheets faster.
  • Instantly add new product options to your tools.
  • With access controls, you can control who sees sensitive customer data


Text2data is a text analytics solution that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to help organizations analyze various social media channels. Employees can perform sentiment analysis and create custom reports for keywords or entities using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms.

sentiment analysis

Text2data includes an Application Programming Interface (API) for easy integration with Google Sheets. Furthermore, it has usage-based pricing and offers phone and email support.

Features of Text2data

  • Conduct Sentiment Analysis of text documents
  • Get a detailed report on concepts, entities, or themes
  • Detect slang
  • Classification of text documents based on user categories
  • Customization based on your requirements

The tool offers a free plan with a limited number of transactions. It requires no programming knowledge and can be used for real-time monitoring of Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Stacker creates a working app based on your data. Here you can bring your organization and data to develop apps to help your business grow. Furthermore, without any coding skills, you can create your app interface. Also, you can select the appropriate layout before sorting and displaying your data as you see fit.


Stacker allows you to create forms for new records, pages for editing existing documents, and buttons for automating essential tasks.

Features of Stacker

  • Create business software without coding skills
  • Customizable UI
  • Get complete control over who sees, changes, and edits the data
  • All users have secure accounts
  • Customize the style, feel, and operation of the website
  • Easily collaborate with the team members
  • Integrate custom apps with the existing tools

Furthermore, you can share your data with various groups of users by inviting them to log into your Stacker app. Moreover, you can provide your customers and external partners with custom functionality access to their data in a branded portal.

Document Studio

Document Studio automates the creation of customized certificates, documents, and reports from combined Google Sheets and Excel files. So, it removes the requirement to manually copy and paste from your source documents to create professional-looking documents and other reports that you prepare daily.

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Features of Document Studio

  • Pixel-perfect template
  • Multiple data sources
  • Email designer
  • Support for sheet formulas
  • Selective merge
  • Share with Google Drive
  • Private and secure

Document Studio makes it easier to create and share documents so that you can make your reports in a few clicks. Also, you can create a document using your fresh Google Forms submissions or import data from a CSV or Excel file. Then, make your templates with markers in Google Sheets, Google Documents, or Google Slides.

Document Studio also has a Mail Merge tool that automatically sends your created documents and reports.


Siteoly is a robust no-code website builder for Google Sheets that helps you create data-rich websites without writing code.


It puts a little more effort into the design side of things than other online form builders, kicking you off with more than 50 styles and 20+ templates to show your data. Moreover, with just one Google Sheet, you’ll have access to over 100 different website variations from which to choose.

Features of Siteoly

  • Embed HTML, maps, and forms on any page
  • Embed cards on all pages
  • Write blogs from Google sheets
  • Maintain cards in multiple sheets
  • Build lists easily
  • Display videos on all pages
  • Add filters & search functionality
  • Supports hundreds of fonts
  • Add filters & search functionality

It saves not only your developer’s time but also your designer’s. Finally, for a start-up entrepreneur with little experience in either industry, Siteoly’s skills are all they need to get started.


Glide allows you to create incredible things with basic spreadsheet skills. If you choose a spreadsheet, Glide will make an actual working app or website for you right away.


After you’ve connected your data, use powerful visual components to show and interact with it.

Features of Glide

  • Turn spreadsheets into the software
  • Drag-and-drop components
  • Share and update instantly
  • Hundreds of pre-built templates

Glide makes updating your app as simple as editing a document—changes are immediately visible to your users, allowing you to adapt swiftly.

Awesome Table

Awesome Table is a Google Sheets add-on that can transform your spreadsheet data into vibrant, advanced web formats and visualizations. Also, it lets you display your data on Google websites and web platforms like Drupal and WordPress as maps, charts, directories, and traditional tables.


Even if you don’t have any coding experience, you can use simple tools to convert your flat spreadsheets into sortable and dynamic maps or catalogs. So, you can choose the Google spreadsheet or data source you want to display to create visualization quickly.

Features of Awesome Table

  • Filters and search
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Embed Awesome Table on any site
  • Fully customizable
  • Easy data management
  • Easy permissions management

You can apply JavaScript, HTML, or CSS to further customize your app’s appearance. Also, you can embed the visual on your website or intranet once it’s finished.


Sheet2Site is an application that allows you to create a stunning website with pictures, text, filters, and links from Google Sheets. So, you can create a website without writing code from a single Google Sheet. Sheet2Site can embed spreadsheet data and present it visually if you already have a website.

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Also, Sheet2Site has numerous use cases. So, you can make employee directories, job boards, dynamic price lists, custom tools, markets, and whatever else you can think of.

Features of Sheet2Site

  • Connect custom domain
  • Filters and multi filters with dropdowns
  • Collect emails with Mailchimp
  • Receive data from Google Form / Typeform

Sheet2Site offers a wide variety of free designs on its website for those who prefer the business side of things to design. There are also a lot of different template styles for each type of use case. These styles have been carefully designed and optimized to fit the industry you work in.


Finally, now that you’ve learned about the top Google Sheets add-ons, start using them for your reporting and analysis processes. Furthermore, different add-ons provide various features and tools depending on their functions. So pick the one best fits your needs and use Google Sheets add-ons to supercharge your tasks.

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