Modibodi sweat-proof bra

It looks like your average t-shirt bra, but is designed to wick moisture and keep you feeling fresh (Picture: Getty/Modibodi)

Even if you enjoy soaking up the sun, hot weather can be a nightmare for anyone with breasts.

Wearing a bra can be uncomfortable and result in chafing, while going braless allows the dreaded underboob sweat to gather and create unsightly patches.

It feels like we can’t win.

However, a new product from Modibodi is aiming to change that summertime stress; the Sweat-Proof Bra.

As the UK’s number one leaks apparel brand, Modibodi knows a thing or two about absorbency, and now it’s heading above the belt with this groundbreaking innovation.

The Sweat-Proof Bra is designed to support breast sweat and shape comfortably to the body, but looks just like your average t-shirt style.

Modibodi Sweat-Proof Bra

The Sweat-Proof Bra is available in black or cashew colourways (Picture: Modibodi)

It’s made with a unique, patent pending technology that absorbs up to 20 millilitres of liquid – all while maintaining its support and shape without wires.

Superfine merino wool naturally locks odour away in both the cups and under-band, helping to regulate body temperature and wick away excess moisture.

Simultaneously, water-repellent outer layers help stop sweat leaking through to your clothes, and a unique recycled Power Mesh back ensures breathability. 

Modibodi Sweat-Proof Bra

Dual back sizing means your bra can grow or shrink to fit your body (Picture: Modibodi)

The wire-free undergarment may just mean an end to these embarrassing sweat patches, and to the (amplified in soaring temperatures) awkward feeling of discomfort that comes from a wire digging into your sternum.

Created using natural and recycled fabrics, with mouldable, biodegradable full cups, the Sweat-Proof Bra comes in two colourways – black and cashew – with each priced at £41.

Its dual back sizing, through its extendable hook and eye, means that the Bra can also fit sizes 10-12C through to 18-20C. 

‘The patent pending technology provides a solution to one of life’s most common issues, breast sweat, and we designed the bra to be super comfortable and stylish, giving you the confidence you need, no matter the situation,’ says Kristy Chong, Modibodi Founder and CEO. 

Especially as the mercury has been on the rise for quite some time now (and that’s before we get into issues menopause and hyperhidrosis) you should try not to be self-conscious about perspiring.

We’re all in the same boat, dealing with the heatwave however we can.

That said, if you’d rather feel drier and avoid ruining your favourite tops, the Sweat-Proof Bra might be your summer saviour.

Buy the Sweat-Proof Bra for £41 at Modibodi.

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