Tips for re-selling online

You can make extra cash by putting unwanted clothes for sale (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Have you ever thought about reselling your clothes, instead of throwing them away?

According to SuitDirect, searches for reselling sites, such as Vinted, have massively increased in popularity over the past twelve months – with searches up by 308%.

So, with many people looking to buy second-hand clothes due to the cost of living, it’s important to showecase your clothing in the best way possible – and get them picture-perfect for uploading and selling, so they stand out.

Experts have shared some top tips for upping your selling game.

Spot clean your stains as soon as you can

Woman adding stain remover to clothes before washing them

Remove stains as soon as you can before selling your clothes (Picture: Getty Images)

According to SuitDirect, cleaning up stains as soon as possible is important – or else they could become permanent features of your clothes, which makes them harder to sell online.

The best way to do so (unless otherwise recommended on the care label) is to blot the area with water using a clean paper towel.

If this method doesn’t work, then try to use a microfibre cloth with either stain remover or a drop of pH neutral detergent on the fabric.

However, if your clothes are more on the delicate side – such as wool or cashmere – then always use a fabric specific detergent with a tailored pH level.

The labels on clothes are there for a reason

Wash instructions

Don’t ignore the care label (Picture: Getty Images)

Different fabrics require different levels of care – which is all detailed on the care label.

It’s very important to upload pictures of the care label, so potential buyers can figure out if they can look after the item or not.

Experts at SuitDirect say that ‘cotton shirts can be thrown in the washing machine’ on a cold, gentle cycle.

To protect the fabric, turn your garments inside out, unbutton everything and use a mesh laundry bag. This is so buttons and zippers don’t get damaged or snag.

On the other hand, many wool and silk garments often need to be hand-washed to preserve their shape.

If you need to hand-wash, fill a basin with cold water and a mild detergent. Then, soak your items, swish them around and rinse well.

Once your done, lay the clothing on a clean towel, roll it up with them inside and squeeze out the excess water.

Don’t twist or wring as this could misshape your tailoring.

Repeat this step until damp, then lay the garments flat to dry.

Swap the iron for a steamer

Crop female removing wrinkles from blouse

Steaming is the best way to get your clothes crinkle-free (Picture: Getty Images)

Before you upload your clothes, it’s best practice to give them a quick once-over with an iron or a steamer to get them looking their best.

If you have access to a steamer, this is better to use as ironing can heat damage your clothes.

However, if you only have an iron, make the most of the steam settings and use the iron to run over any creases.

Invest in cloth covers

Some clothes need more care than others – so, before you sell them, keep them protected from moths, mildew and dust.

One way is by placing them in breathable cloth overs – not plastic as it’ll leave your clothes smelling damp.

Hang the clothing in a cool, clean and dark wardrobe.

If you have several outfits, ensure that you space them evenly inside the closet to prevent creasing.

For extra moth and mould prevention, place a few cedar blocks or sachets of lavender in your wardrobe.

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