ugg protector

Thoughts? (Picture: UGG)

Ugg has created shoes… for your boots. 

It’s the early 2000’s. You’re getting ready to meet your friends at the local shopping centre, so you grab your iPod shuffle, pull on leggings, a headband and – finally – your beloved Ugg boots. 

They are tilted slightly to the side, but you don’t care. You just pray it doesn’t rain today because then you’d be in trouble.

Fast forward to 2022, and Ugg boots are back en Vogue. Except this time, they are ready for rainy days. 

Ugg has released a protective shoe to wear over your Ugg boots, and people are divided. 

Called the ‘UGGguard’ they supposedly offer ‘style and defense against the elements’. 

They cost £35 and can be worn with classic styles including the currently popular mini shape. 

The ‘taffy pink’ (basically a bright bubblegum pink) style is currently on sale for £23.99. 


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TikTokers have been posting videos of the shoes – which are essentially a rubbery platformed dolly shoes – and the reaction has been mixed.

A lot of people weren’t loving it. Some rightly pointed out this shoe-for-a-shoe is pretty much late-stage capitalism.

‘If your boots need shoes, get different boots,’ one wrote. While another confused viewer said, ‘Shoe shoes?’

Others pointed out that shoe covers weren’t a new concept. ‘Galoshes. My grandfather wore these in rain.’

Some loyal customers however were thrilled they could keep wearing their beloved Uggs without ruining them. 

‘Wish I knew about these before I destroyed my precious white uggs,’ someone wrote.

Since places like Amazon and eBay already sell ‘Ugg Protector’ spray for a while to try and waterproof the boots, there’s obviously a demand there. 

Whether these jelly shoe things catch on, or become another fast-burning novelty trend, remains to be seen.